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Going Above

Smirkling Sessions A & B Whether your camper is raring to go, ready for the first day of camp, or visibly nervous about the new experience, the one remarkable character trait that is exhibited by every single camper at Smirkus Camp is bravery. Being brave does not mean you lack fear, bravery means you are willing to try despite your fear. A lot of these young circus stars may be nervous to try new skills, to sleep in a brand new place, and often without knowing anyone. As campers take right-sized risks at Smirkus Camp, they develop confidence, providing them…

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We <3 Smirkus Camp!

Hello Smirkus Family, Last Friday and Saturday we welcomed our very first campers at 41 Clown Alley! THE OFFICIAL *MAILING* ADDRESS OF SMIRKUS CAMP! These young campers got to experience a taste of Smirkus for one whole day! We love being able to offer a day camp that gives kids a look into the camp experience, without the commitment of staying overnight. After an adventurous day of trying all these new circus sports AND learning to be pie-d in the face, we know these kids <3 Smirkus Camp. Havi certainly does! Here’s the Smirkus Recap from Intro to Smirkus Camp Sessions…

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Finding our Forever Home

Hello Smirkus Family, Last night, Smirkus camp staff, Greensboro friends and Smirkus family participated in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony under our Big Top, Mama Mia. In true Circus Smirkus style, the counselors and coaches back-flipped and tumbled into the ring, balanced on each other in a pyramid, and juggled to open the ceremony. There was an energy in the air that everyone could feel, from the fire hula hooping (by yours truly!), the passing of the fire torch, the wire balancing act, to Smirkus Executive Director Ed LeClair announcing “Let’s cut that ribbon!” the crowd cheered, clapped and even shed…

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