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Magic is on the way…

Session II of Smirkus Camp is underway! A Smirkus week flies by so fast, which is why we love these two-week sessions. Over the next 14 days we will really get to know the campers who arrived yesterday; we will become little family units, working together and even celebrating a holiday together, the FUNKY FOURTH! This summer staff and campers are so excited to march in the Greensboro 4th of July Parade, complete with silly costumes, hula hoops, some juggling and a lot of clowning around!

We are very happy to see new and old faces who have come to spend this special summer with us. Not even an occasional rain shower can dampen our spirits, especially when it results in a double rainbow over our beautiful tents (this photo is NOT photoshopped! This is real life!)

A double rainbow over our Smirkus tents, captured by Danny

A double rainbow over our Smirkus tents, captured by Danny “In the right place at the right time” Frank

To everyone who follows this blog: a big thank you for checking in daily and staying up to date on the latest Smirkus Camp happenings. Last week was an unusual one because I flew out of town to help my family welcome a new baby into the world! A million thank yous to everyone for your patience while I got the chance to meet my new family member.

Now that I am back in Vermont, I am excited and ready for camp to get underway!

Legend has it that a double rainbow symbolizes that magic is on the way, that we have an opportunity to work hard for our dreams and be true to ourselves. So welcome Session II Campers, let’s make some Smirkus magic!

For last week’s session and all Smirkus Camp sessions to come, please be sure to visit our Flickr page by clicking the link in the menu above, pictured here for your reference!

All the best,