Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines

In 2020, Circus Smirkus was able to run our Smirkus Camp program 100% Covid-19 free. This was because of the cooperation and diligence of all the campers, their families and staff. While we do not know the exact requirements from the State of Vermont regarding Covid-19 protocols for 2021, we can let you know what we did last year. You should expect that the requirements for Smirkus Camp 2021 will be similar to camp in 2020.

2020 Quarantining Requirements
Quarantine: Families were asked to email to let us know the details of their quarantine. We needed to know where you planned to quarantine and what your quarantine plan was. There were two options:
  1. Option A: Quarantine for 14 days
  2. Option B: Quarantine for 7 days, then get a test. Tests needed to be scheduled healthcare providers so that results were received within 3 days of arrival.

Quarantine log: For either quarantine option, a quarantine log was provided to track camper’s temperature, any symptoms, and to confirm that the camper had quarantined each day.

Click here for the 2020 Covid-19 Prevention Protocols. Please remember that we will update these as 2021 requirements become clear.

We’re so glad we took our chances on Smirkus last summer. Smirkus’s protocols successfully curtailed the risks, and after months of pandemic-era stasis, our child had a chance to grow and thrive. He has been happy enough at other camps, but at Smirkus, he found his tribe. And he has been cheerful enough social distancing at home, but being at Smirkus, he experienced joy. Finally — circus camp is no joke. I don’t think he’s ever worked so hard in his life — or been so happy to do so!” – Camp Parent