We are filled with gratitude for the bounty of generosity laid before us. You sustain Smirkus, enabling this little nonprofit with its Big Top, to serve a mission of dreams realized – of lives changed through the incredible magic of circus. Thank you.

To all of you who have given to Smirkus’ annual fund between May 2018 and April 2019 to bring this show down the road, please take a bow.

The Canaday Family Charitable Trust
The Couch Family Foundation
The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
The Preservation Trust Of Vermont
Vermont Arts Council
Vermont Community Foundation
Barrie Jordan
Betsy Van Gemeren
Debby Stein Sharpe and Jim Sharpe
Debra and Mark Ellis
Eric Schondorf and Anne-Marie Wood
Hugh and Shana Griffiths
Kathryn and Tim Sarken
Lisa Steele and Scott Hammond
Mark Dalzell
Michele and Andrew Levy
Nancy Wright and Steve Lidle
Pam and Harvey Lodish
Robin Ballenger
Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
National Life Foundation
The Agnes M Lindsay Trust
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
The Peninsula Charities Foundation
Vermont Mutual Insurance Company
Carole Parker and Dan Reicher
Caroline Herter and Ben Winship
Fred and Deborah Nanni
Jane Fisher and Tom Brosnahan
Laura Brewer and Neil Gershenfeld
Mike Feldman and Kathleen Haddad
Robert Sanson and Cynthia Wright-Sanson

Concept2 Rowing

The Bridgewood Fieldwater Foundation
The Oakland Foundation
The Vivian and Paul Olum Foundation
The Wisdom Connection, Inc.
Alexandra Ernst and D. Garret Siegel
Beverly Woolf
Carol Bisbee
David Sheena
Elinor and Dan Redmond
Helen Thomas
Jane Culbert and Henry Olds
Jason Burns and Bronia Clifton
Jennifer Tylock
Jim Zien and Helena Binder
Jonathan Coddington
Karen and George Gowen
Mark English
Michael and Maureen Sheehan
Miriam Rosenblum and Sheldon Benjamin
Neil Saunders and Ingrid Holcomb
Ralph Sheridan and Anne Steer
Stew and Rebecca Arnold
Susan and Bruce Novich
Thomas Kehler and Maria Lia Lloyd-Clare
The Anne Slade Frey Charitable Trust
The Holly Windrush Fund for the Arts
Anonymous (2)
Archer Altman
Beth Binns and Jeff Schoellkopf
Beth Ryan and Jenny O’Flaherty
Carol Browner and Thomas Downey
Donna and John Park
Henry and Caroline Brown
Jack Wentz and Marty Nagy-Wentz
Joan Dexter
John Daly
Joshua Wachs
Kelley Ballenger and Jeffrey Alderman
Lillian and Bruce Venner
Peter and Ellie Lin
Peter Woodson and Kelly Sayre
Phil and Sara Leef
Robert and Anne Shapiro
Sharon and Ray Carlo
Signe Taylor and Joel Stettenheim
Susan and Maury Levine
Valentine Talland and Nagesh Mahanthappa

The Durant Foundation
Andy Bell
Andy Kehler and Victoria Von Hessert
Brucie Hubbell
Carole Kaye
Clive Gray and Nancy Hill
David and Willow Graham
Gail Danckert
Gordon Stoner and Cindy Rose
Ing-Haw Cheng and Courtney Stoddard
Janet Burns
Janet Powers and Christopher Yannoni
Jen Carlo
Jonathan Heaton
Josh Aviner
Julia Dodge
Karine Odlin and Alan Brewer
Linda and Ira Schiffer
Marc and Sarah Tischler
Margaret Stubbs
Marvin Wang and Alicia Powell
Melanie and John Clarke
Patricia Fontaine
Sage Wheeler and Richard Pendleton
Scott Wise and Linden Havemeyer-Wise
Shannon Mazlo
Valerie and Charles Carter
Vicki Boyd
Adam Forepaugh Tent No. 2
IBM International Foundation
Alex Karoff-Hunger
Alison Boyd
Anne Candreva
Anne Pritchard
Anonymous (3)
Arthur Freehill
Barry Logue and Bettina Strack-Logue
Benjamin Kenison
Beth and Christopher Strapp
Bob Shepherd
Brian Eling
Brian Miron
Bruce Haims
Carol and George Little
Carol and John Hoeffler
Caroline and John Stubbs
Caroline Jones and Peter Galison
Caroline Norden and Curtis Bohlen
Carolyn Kapioltas
Catherine Fullerton
Cedar Pruitt
Charles Coddington
Christine and Joe Latulippe
Christopher and Carolyn King
Claire and Tom Grimble
Coleen and Glen Bourque
Craig Hoyt
David Edsall
Dawn Andrews
Derek Williams
Donna Fox
Doug Milbrodt
Elinor and Jeffrey Ross
Elizabeth De Saint-Aignan
Elizabeth Stubbs
Ellen and Thomas Wolf
Emily Kirkton and Andrew Smaha
Ernest and Pearl Albrecht
Fr. Jerry Hogan
Gail Epstein
Gene Friedlander and Maureen Moore
Gordon MacFarland
Grammy Liz Walsh
Gretchen and Steve Oubre
Henry Lowendorf
Herb Robbins
Jack and Ellen Travelstead
Jackie and Raymond Moore
Jacqueline Shank
Jan McCoy
Janet Lynch
Janette Skrasek
Jason Schneider and Rachel Oliveri
Jay Craven and Bess Craven O’Brien
Jennifer Burkard
Jennifer Robillard
Jill and Hans Fischmann
Jim and Sydney Sowles
Jim Peters
Joan Belle Isle
Judy Dales
Julia and Jim Winters
Karen and Justin Miel
Karen Harris and Rob Gurwitt
Karen Kaufman
Kari Borrelli and Jason Bernad
Kathy and Richard Diamond
Kathy Stevens
Kim and Nancy Fried
Lalise and Jerry Melillo
Larry and Lin Worthington
Len and Jean Bayles
Leon Marasco and Kate Harper
Libby Weiland and Peter Makridakis
Linda and Hugh Wyles
Lindsay Coe
Loren and Beth Hall
Louise and Paul Fitzsimmons
Lydia Brosnahan
Mark Hackett
Meredith Becker and Jonathan Wicks
Michael Mathes
Nancy Lajti
Nathaniel Lavin
Paul Rutz and Sandra Henry
Peggy McBride
Phil and Jane Thorick
Phil Gray and Janet Birrell Travers
Philip Cook
Philip Rhinelander
Rich Curvelo
Ron Eastman and Mimi Leveque
Sa and Paul Budnitz
Sally Hedberg
Scott and Karen Slater
Seana Coughlin
Susan Houston
Tod and Gwen Mann

Alan Frank and Nina Fischer
Amy and Tim Martikan
Andy Robinson and Jan Waterman
Ann Sanders and Timothy Laynor
Anna Matriotti
Annie Stubbs
Annmarie Harmon
Audrey Hyvonen and Isaac Bromberg
Bill and Elaine Bisbee
Bill and Susan Jefferys
Brent Whittaker
Carol Ann Hill
Caroline Harder
Carson and Chris Lutes
Chris Huston and Akiko Ujiie
Dan Predpall
David and Evangeline Kelly
David Bayer
Dolores Capogrosso
Dorothy Streeter
Eddie Gale
Elizabeth Bishop
Elliot and Kalli Schultz
Erin and William Flower
Gail Guerrero and Michael Ferguson
Garet McIntyre and Carolyn Frisa
Heather Pembrook
Hugh Knox
Jane Sprenger
Janet Showers and Day Patterson
Jason and Lelia Leary
Jay Silberblat and Lori Sisson
Jeanne and Shaun Quinn
Jennifer Hashley
Joan Alexander
Jody Andreoletti
Joel Goodman
John Manly
Joseph and Karen Pacheco
Joshua Brody
Joy Kung
Julie and Jay Ward
Katie and Douglas Jordan
Kerry Stubbs
Kevin Keller
Laura Todd
Laurel Kayne and Maxim Antinori
Laurie Callahan
Linda Mullestein
Mark Gardner
Mark Smith
Martha Cutler
Mary and Bernie Waugh
Meg Ostrum and Tom Leytham
Mia and Al Barbosa
Mitchell and Maureen Pearl
Otto and Eileen Newman
Paul Holmes
Penny and Jeff Kaufman
Peter Dale and Emily Jones
Peter O’Connell
Rachel Schiffer
Rhoda Ellers
Richard Hart
Rita Freudberg
Robert Owen
Ruth Randall
Sally and William Williams
Sally Smith
Sam and Robin Smith
Sam Zager
Sandal and Paul Cate
Sara Kaufman
Sawyer Oubre
Sharryl Rutken
Shira and Richard Antonoff
Stanley Foster
Steve Derby
Toby Ayer
Tracy Zager
William Kirk
Abby Douglas
Adam Matthews
Adria Goodson and Max Vohlken
Alanna Van Antwerpen
Alex Martin
Alexa and Neil Singer
Alicia Faller
Alicyn Mindel
Alison Todd
Amanda Baer
Amanda Herzberger
Amanda Viles
Amelia Cullinan
Ami Diner
Amy Gibbons
Andrea Pearson
Andrew King
Andrew Zucker
Anja Pfeffer
Ann Betters
Ann Patman
Anna Quirk
Anne Parent
Anne Russell
Anne Toker
Ariadne Nevin
Art and Patricia Wright
Asheley Farland
Athena Kaufman
Avin Squires
Avril De La Cretaz
Barbara Allaire
Barbara Blazek
Barbara Draper
Barbara Whitten
Barrie Paster
Barry Mansfield
Beth and Al Ward
Beth and Michael Reynolds
Betsey Trousdell
Bob and Elizabeth Bickford
Bonita Rounds
Bonnie Knight
Brenna Jennings
Brian Campbell
Brian Peck
Brian Premore
Bryan Gustafson
C.J. King
Carol and Michael Benner
Carol Mauro and Robert Hollis
Carol Vimickei
Caroline Bertozzi
Caroline Damon
Caroline Lawless
Carolyn Frisa and Garet McIntyre
Carrie Dessertine-Twhigg
Catherine Hartenstein
Chad Cornish
Chad Morris
Charisse Hirschfeld
Cheryl Hooper
Chris Dodge
Chris Turner
Christie Rana
Christine Green
Christopher Watts
Chuck Rissala
Cindy Elias
Claire Dacey
Clare Irwin
Constance Stubbs
Corinne Coveney
Corinne Zimmerman
Craig Heindel
Daniel Burwinkel
Danielle Doucette
Danielle Hammer
Dave Rioux
David Ewing
David Goldstein
David Rogers
Dawn Hagin
Debbi Friedlander
Debra Wykoff
Diana Baron
Diane and Jason Bruley
Diane Andronica
Diane Ciaccio
Diane Maxwell
Donna Behr
Edith Drury
Edmond Stokowski
Elaine Strauss
Elise Limoge
Elisha Coleman
Elizabeth Caney
Elizabeth Knowles
Elizabeth Maier
Ellen Baier
Emily Bryant
Emily Cowan
Emily Shattuck
Emily Sweet
Eric Bergeron
Eric Bird
Erika Wolf
Erin and Sean O’Brien
Erin Holman
Eva Jaffe
Ewa Senkowska
Faye Perkins
Gail Gelb
George and Margaret St. Bonore
Gillian Webster and Matt Levine
Graham Fitch
Greg and Carol Lent
Gregory Holm
H Crowell
Hannah and Jeremy Coombs
Hannah Gilkenson
Heather Capuano
Heather Katz
Heather Lesage-Horton
Heather McGuire
Heather Piche
Helen Skeist and William Hively
Hope Hutchinson
Ilana Lemke
Ippolita Cantuti-Castelvetri
Iris Wechling
Jack and Andrea Petras
Jackie Pierce
Jacqueline Killorin
Jacqueline Sendrowski
James Melloh
Jamie Furness
Jamshed Bharucha
Jan and Michael Fisher
Janet and Kenneth Johnston
Janet Daniel
Jared Blum
Jay Shafer
Jean M Goff
Jeanette Cattan
Jeanne Joslin
Jed Norris
Jeffrey Kaufman
Jen Pelletier
Jenn Adams
Jenna Bisset
Jennie Hogan
Jennifer Doyle
Jennifer Gill
Jennifer Gistrak
Jennifer Moshe
Jennifer Nery
Jennifer Stratton
Jennifer Villone
Jenny Raichle
Jess Kerns
Jessica Clarke
Jessica Galanif
Jessica McCormack
Jessica Shover
Jessica Wirkkala
Jill Skillin
Jodi Ekelchik
Joellen Scannell
John Monahan
John Rodolph
John Rosenblum
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Reiskind
Joseph Nocito
Joslin Bennett
Journey Johnston
Judit Simon
Judith Chaffee
Judy Gaeth
Julia Adams
Julia Kahrl
Julie and Eric Snow
Julie Dauth
Justin Quinn
Kaleen McKeeman
Karen Gillam
Karen Meyers
Karen Mueller
Karen Ohern
Karen Pinel
Karen Scanlan
Karin Sylvia Howard
Kate Tranquada
Katherine Eldridge
Katherine Hamilton
Kathleen Avery
Kathleen Dodge
Kathleen Williams
Kathy Blanchard
Katie Mather
Kay Geroux
Keith Donington
Kelly Savitri
Ken Miller and Barbara Rossi
Kim Adair
Kim and Stephen Holman
Kim Foster
Kim Hayward
Kim Ockene and Andrew Milsten
Kimberly Allen
Kimberly Coale
Kimberly Doyle
Kirsten Norton
Knowles Wentworth
Kortney Nedeau
Kris Mahoney and Susan Loynd
Kristen Walsh
Kristin Barr
Kristin May
Kyle Himmelsbach
Laura Short
Laurel and Erik Britt-Webb
Laurel Hemmer
Laurellie Jacobs Martinez
Lauren and Adam Belmont
Lauren Arcoma
Lauren Stevens
Leane Garland
Lena Goodwin
Leslie and William Haines
Leslie Bryant
Leslie Polubinski
Levina Wong
Liane Silevitch
Lin Olsen
Linda and Charles Stewart
Linda Meyer
Linda Poole
Linda Thomas
Lindsay Walkinshaw
Lisa and Eric Erwin
Lisa Monahan
Lisa Rees
Lisa Zeidenberg
Loren Uecker
Lucy Goldstein
Macrina Newhouse
Marc and Alana Considine
Margaret Cleland
Margaret Hoisington
Margaret Jackson
Margarita Arguelles
Marge Biehler
Marjorie Cook
Marjorie Forsyth
Mark Burton
Marsha Russell
Martha Bryan
Martha F Hoopes
Martha Giberson
Martha Martin
Marvis Matarozzo
Mary Brigham
Mary E Bridegam
Mary Jean Mueckenheim
Mary Randolph
Mary Trammell
Maryellen Basham
Matthew Wilson
Maya Sargent
Medora Jensen
Megan Kamm
Megan Liptak
Megan Whipple
Melissa and Nathan Hoy
Melissa Paradis
Melissa Washow
Melissa Woodard
Michael Dewein
Michael Psaros
Michaelene Paquette
Michelle Leitch
Michelle Mullen
Michelle Sannicandro
Michelle Watters
Milt and Arlene Wilburn
Mindy Lo
Nancy Wallace
Natalie Borden
Natalie Chouinard
Nathalie and Scott Comstock
Nicole Boyd
Nicole Curvin
Nicole Lamberg
Nicole Olivier-Brearley
Nina Lopez
Nora Weber
Norma Miller
Olga Hathaway
Patricia Babcock
Patricia Petell
Patricia Ramsay
Patricia Selvitelli
Patti Hughes
Patti Wickersham
Patty Collinge
Paul Burns
Peter Freilinger
Peter Kuhn
Phil and Audrey Milbrodt
Rachael Methal
Rachael Oldinski
Rachel Naylor
Ralph Freeman
Rebecca Podniesinski
Rebeka Antonelli
Regilind Carr
Reid and Laurie Greenberg
Rhianna Weiss
Richard Leonard
Richard Ridolfo
Richard Walker
Richmond Rabinowitz
Rick and Linda Ely
Robert Clinton
Robert Valesky
Rosemary Camps Lunney
Royce Thompson
Russell Gourley
Ruthie McDonald
Sandra Hayes
Sandra Moulton
Sara Behrsing
Sara Hewitt
Sarah Franklin
Sarah Fried
Sarah Herdrich
Sarah Jokinen
Sarah McKearnan
Sarah Smith
Scott Robbins and Sarah Lipton
Sean Cullen
Shannon Harper-Bison
Shannon Linn
Sharon A Ferry
Shelia Wood
Sherrie Carroll
Shirley Tagalik
Spafford Ackerly
Stefan Gramatzki
Stephan Lewis
Stephanie Yarbrough-Morgan
Stephen Berry
Stephen Dane
Steve Justis
Sue Tasselmyer
Sue and Robert Drothler
Sunnie Donath
Susan and Bruce Talmadge
Susan Bickford
Susan Bramhall and Sheldon Altman
Susan Stapleton
Susan Zeller
Suzanne and Dan Schaffer
Tamara McKerchie
Tammy Ellis
Tania Kratt
Tena Elzinga
Terri Kelley
Terri Weston
Tetsu Inada
Thomas Hughes
Tiffany Racicot
Tim Carlo
Timothy McAndrew
Toby Ayer
Toni Josey
Tony Lochtefeld
Tracie Badore
Travis Harker and Trinidad Tellez
Trena Isley
Valerie Demag
Victoria Kuskowski
Virginia Neff
Wendy Mayes-Beasly
Yvonne Cunio