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We <3 Smirkus Camp!

Hello Smirkus Family,

Last Friday and Saturday we welcomed our very first campers at 41 Clown Alley! THE OFFICIAL *MAILING* ADDRESS OF SMIRKUS CAMP! These young campers got to experience a taste of Smirkus for one whole day! We love being able to offer a day camp that gives kids a look into the camp experience, without the commitment of staying overnight. After an adventurous day of trying all these new circus sports AND learning to be pie-d in the face, we know these kids <3 Smirkus Camp. Havi certainly does!

I <3 Camp!

Here’s the Smirkus Recap from Intro to Smirkus Camp Sessions A & B!

At registration Friday and Saturday, kids were excited to arrive and get the day going. We saw smiles everywhere as counselors played games with their groups!

Registration Fun & Games

Smiles at Registration

Campers were put into 4 groups for their rotation throughout the day, the Red Noses, Purple Peacocks, Blue Baboons and the Green Elephants. Campers Flora and Juliana worked very hard on their elephant impressions throughout the day.

Becoming Green Elephants

During warm ups, kids got their bodies moving and stretching to prepare for the day.

At Smirkus Camp, some stretches are a little goofier than others…

Morning Stretches

After warm ups and stretching, campers were ready to break into their groups and go to their rotations.

At juggling, River learned to toss a juggling scarf under her knee and then catch it. Well done, River!Eliza on Silks

At aerials, Eliza used strength and flexibility to hold the straddles on the silks.


A once-in-a-life-time coincidence, Lyra the Camper practiced posing on Lyra the Aerial Hoop!

At the clown academy, Matthew wholeheartedly practiced his improvisational dance skills.

Campers worked on their “Surprised Faces” during clowning.

In acrobatics, campers learned to safely jump on the mini trampoline.

The best part of the day, Pie Day! Our clowning coaches Molly and Suz demonstrated the proper way to pie and be pie-d.

And wouldn’t you know it, we think these kids love being pie-d and pie-ing their friends!

It was a successful first 2 days of camp and we’re so happy all the future circus performers came to see what Smirkus is all about.

All the best,