Circus Smirkus Values

Purpose: Values clarification and identification is integral to ensuring organizational cohesion and a defined commitment to a shared purpose. These values were co-created by our community of alumni, staff, and the board. Adherence to and promotion of these values is integral to ensuring alignment with the spirit of Smirkus. Moving forward, we will hold ourselves and others accountable to these values.

We Try New Things: We are prepared to show up and actively participate even when feeling challenged with new skills or ideas.

  • We are respectful, playful, sincere, thoughtful, and curious. 
  • We are innovative, adaptive and resourceful. 
  • We commit to being successful and are willing to fail. 
  • We are adventurous. 

 We Rely on Each Other: Collaboration and teamwork facilitate the best process and results; everyone’s contributions matter.

  • We are accountable to ourselves and each other. 
  • We are collaborative and team-oriented. 
  • We are honest about what we can and cannot do. 
  • We are trustworthy, trusting, authentic and reliable. 
  • We own our own mistakes. 
  • We know and respect that every job is an important job; everyone here plays a critical role. 

 We Respect Ourselves: We strive for balance (rest, work, play) in all things and show up as our best selves.

  • We ask for help when needed. 
  • We communicate openly, honestly, and frequently. 
  • We use the Smirkus support systems when needed. 
  • We are never afraid to ask questions and state our needs. 
  • We assume positive intent in all interactions. 
  • We are willing to have tough conversations. 

 We Welcome All People/We Celebrate Our Differences: All Smirkos champion one another in and out of the ring.

  • We seek out the contributions of all people and learn from one another.
  • We take personal responsibility to welcome and amplify diverse voices. 
  • We support great ideas no matter where they come from. 
  • We are passionate, compassionate, sincere, and empathetic. 
  • We are an ally; we respect diversity, encourage inclusivity, and practice equity. 
  • We respect each other’s identities and we do not tolerate discrimination in any form. 

 We Take Fun Seriously: We respect the calculated risk that is inherent on any circus lot during both training and performances so that fun can be maximized and a safe environment can be maintained.

  • We take personal responsibility for our own safety and the safety of others. We respect and follow all established safety protocols. 
  • We know our role and do it well; we are accountable for what we promise.
  • We work hard.