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Trouper Close-Ups: Hannah Grove, Isabella Majzun, and Anna Zuckerman

Trouper Close-Ups: Hannah Grove, Isabella Majzun, and Anna Zuckerman

Hannah Grove

Hannah Grove is a 15 year old from Blacksburg, VA and this is her 2nd year as a Trouper.  She was first inspired to get involved with circus when she saw her first Cirque du Soleil show when she was 10.  She began at Circus Smirkus Camp in 2013 and continued by going to a camp at Ecole National de Cirque in 2014 where fell in love with tight wire.  Tight wire is her favorite thing to train and says, “I am self taught, so I can easily train it myself.”  Hannah says her favorite part of being a Trouper is the fact that, “This is a once in a lifetime experience.  You can only be a Trouper for so many years, and not everyone gets to have this experience.  It is a step into the professional circus world, so it is preparing us for the future!”  Although, being a Trouper doesn’t come without some challenges.  “Learning how to handle yourself for 10 weeks without being at home can be hard.  You have to learn how to be comfortable in so many different settings.”  After tour, Hannah will be a Sophomore in high school and is looking forward to training gymnastics.

Hannah performing during the wire act (photo by Tamra Biedrzycki)


Isabella Majzun

Isabella Majzun is from Saint Louis, MO and she is a 16 year old, 1st year Trouper.  She got interested in circus because one of her friends was involved in Circus Harmony and encouraged Isabella to get involved as well.  Isabella is in the ball juggling act, club juggling act, clown band, and banquine act.  Although she is in these acts, she actually first began training in trapeze and enjoys partner acrobatics the most.  Isabella loves performing all the time and says, “All of the people at Smirkus are really great and there is positive energy, which I really appreciate.”  A minor challenge Isabella faced at the beginning of tour was getting to know her fellow Troupers.  “It was a little hard at first to start talking to people because I am a little shy, but everyone is so inclusive.”  After tour is over, Isabella will be in 11th grade and will continue to train at Circus Harmony.

Isabella performing during the ball juggling act. (photo by Tamra Biedrzycki)


Anna Zuckerman

Anna Zuckerman is a 3rd year Trouper from Seattle, WA and is 18 years old.  But at just 6 years old she began taking classes at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts.  She started by taking general circus classes, but quickly found she loved riding the unicycle.  Although there is no unicycle act in this years show, Anna has been performing a trio-unicycle act for about 8 years!  She also loves to train in partner acrobatics, so naturally banquine is her favorite act she is in this year.  “There is a lot of comradery and trust that is involved, and you get to fly through the air!”  Her favorite part about being a Trouper is, “getting a realistic experience of what a real touring circus is like.  You get an idea of what that life looks like.”  She says a challenging part of being on tour is the fact that you don’t get to go home for 10 weeks.  After tour, Anna will be attending Brown University and will continue to train in the circus as much as she can!

Anna performing during the hat juggling routine. (photo by Tamra Biedrzycki)

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