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Run away to Smirkus Camp! We offer camps for kids of all ages, including adults!

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June 23
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June 24-29
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July 22-Aug 3
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June 8-10
June 16-17
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July 1-6
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Aug 5-17
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July 8-20

An incredible Vermont summer of circus fun awaits you at Circus Smirkus Camp! You’ll feel the magic the moment you step inside one of our spectacular European Big Top Tents set amongst the lush, green hills of Vermont.

Regardless of your skill level, our circus professionals are here to meet you where you are and welcome you to a vast array of circus arts: acrobatics, clowning, juggling, aerials, balance and much more.

The mission of Circus Smirkus is to preserve the skills and culture of the traveling circus, and Smirkus camp offers a unique immersion in an authentic circus experience. Training in a spectacular setting under real Big Top circus tents, campers receive both circus arts training and exposure to the collaborative tradition and diverse culture of the circus arts.  Here we stress that skill comes in many forms and develops with hard work, that progress occurs at every level, and that we can do more collectively than we can as individuals.

Train the circus arts while having a blast in a gorgeous place! Friendships form fast as we support each other to fly high above the ring and learn to take a pie in the face… on cue!

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  • CampSilksAerials: Fabric/Tissue/Aerial Silks, Lyra & Aerial Hoop, Spanish Web & Rope, Straps & Handloops, Cloudswing, Hammock & Sling, Chinese Pole, Single, Double, Triple, Swinging, Dance & Duo Trapeze.
  • Balance: Tightwire, Rolling Globe, Stilts, Unicycle, Rola Bola.
  • Juggling: Scarves, Balls, Rings, Clubs, Fruit, Contact & Pass Juggling, Diabolo, Devilsticks, Cigar Boxes, Poi, Hats, Shaker Cups, Manipulation.
  • Performance: Clowning, Improv, Slapstick, Pantomime, Gag Creation, Commedia Dell-Arte, Stage Presence, Musical Theater, Style & Smile!
  • Other Skills: Hula Hoops, Pie Throwing, Dance, Magic, Bubbles, Stretching, Strengthening & Endurance, Safety & Fun!


  • WARM UPS: Safety is our number one priority and that includes warming up our bodies to prepare for all the jumping, bending, twisting and contorting the kids will do throughout the day.
  • CORE CLASSES: After warm-ups, campers are split into mixed groups of age, gender and skill to rotate between the four core classes of Acrobatics, Juggling, Aerials and Performance.
  • CHOICE ROTATIONS: In the afternoon, campers get to choose from a variety of circus classes that change from day to day and that give campers the opportunity to try out new tricks or to work harder on skills they already love. Our supportive coaches and counselors will assist each camper with working toward their individual goals in a fun and friendly team setting.

View the camp sessions page for more thorough description of the session you’re interested in.



Smirkus Camp offers campers a traditional summer camp experience.

Afternoon and Evening Activities range from Scavenger Hunts, Kickball and Capture the Flag to Arts & Crafts, Talent Shows and Camp Fires.

Every session includes lots of fun Camp Songs AND a Pie Day where kids learn to take a pie in the face!


DiningHallCircus Smirkus Camp takes place on 35 acres of hilltop pasture in beautiful Greensboro, Vermont. We have have separate girls and boys dormitories with campers staying two, three to four to a room. Each dorm has several common areas and is decorated with historical circus memorabilia and props from past Circus Smirkus shows.

Our kitchen and culinary team work around the clock to provide healthy meals using as many quality, locally sourced ingredients as we can find. Your kids will be very active and challenging their bodies daily so food fit to feed circus athletes is paramount to our mission!

Accessibility Services

The Smirkus Camp facility is ADA-compliant and our coaches, counselors, and support staff are ready to assist circus dreamers with accessibility concerns to make the most of their camp experience. For more information about accessibility at Smirkus Camp, please call (802) 533-7443 or email



Safety 1st, 2nd – ALWAYS!

There is one thing we are stone cold serious about at Smirkus: Safety!

In her book How to Keep Your Children Safe: A Guide to Parents,” author and former camp parent, Yvonne M. Vissing, uses Smirkus Camp as an example of a camp which makes sure children are safe. “The Circus Smirkus Vermont camp is a model of high-quality care for kids,” she writes.

Rest assured. Safety is a number one issue for us at Smirkus and for parents who are shopping for summer camps for their children.

Smirkus Camp is licensed by the Vermont Department of Health and complies with their regulations. We perform a thorough background check of all newly hired staff, and repeat it every two years for returning seasonal employees.