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Back to Our Roots

Good Evening! Thanks for the feedback on this blog. I appreciate all the comments and encourage you to keep ’em coming. This morning, the Smirkos had a special meeting with the Circus Smirkus Creative Team. Jesse Dryden, creative director, and Troy Wunderle, artistic director, explained to the troupers that each one of them is vital to the final product — the 2011 Circus Smirkus show. Troy drove the point home by showing the Troupers a puzzle and then by removing one of the pieces; the absence of just one piece made a difference to the entire aesthetic of the puzzle….

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Your Voice from the Road

Greetings Smirkus Fans! I am pleased to welcome you to the brand-new Circus Smirkus blog! This site will provide frequent updates from the road to fill you in on current events from the 2011 Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour. Before we get started, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Alex Zaprudsky and I am the public relations and communication intern here at Circus Smirkus. I attend The University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies. Upon graduating, I plan to work in public relations for a circus. My very loving and supporting family (Mom,…

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Let the 2011 Season Begin!

The 2011 Circus Smirkus season officially began today.  The Troupers arrived at the Smirkus Headquarters at 3 o’clock this afternoon, and the atmosphere is buzzing.  Old friends have reacquainted and new Troupers have joined the Smirkus family.  Tomorrow the Troupers will begin their training for the 2011 Big Top Tour. This group is certainly a vibrant bunch and they will  be on an adventure they will not soon forget!