Make a Gift


Congratulations! If you made it here, you are one of the kind, visionary, jumbo-hearted people that understand the impact Circus Smirkus makes on kids and communities. And you probably like popcorn. Folks like you are decisive. You know what is important and how to make a difference.


Choose What Matters Most to You


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Support the Mission:Smirkus provides an experience like no other. Help create a life-changing experience of memories, friendships, and a summer of success “under the canvas.”

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Area of Highest Need: Some things never change: the electric excitement of the opening show, Camp’s Happy Circle of Happiness… and Smirkus’ need for financial flexibility.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid: Help any child to participate in Smirkus’ programs, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Buy A Brick: Pave the way (literally!) to Smirkus Camp by buying a brick inscribed with a personalized message to be installed in the walkway to the new dorms. Brick sales provide an enduring gift to Smirkus campers.


Why Give to Circus Smirkus?

We think there are a tentful of reasons to give to Smirkus. With every ovation, we hear a new message – another reason that our fans are so generous:

  • I think changing the life of a kid is a pretty good investment 
  • The Big Top Tour has raised over $2.7 million for other non-profits. My support helps Smirkus plus schools, museums, PTO’s, organic agriculture, local business and nonprofits throughout New England.
  • My (grand)kids would kill me if they missed the chance to go to Smirkus Camp and/or see the Big Top Tour. 
  • I want to give back to Smirkus for all it has done for me.
  • I would seriously do anything to get in the ring myself but I think that trapeze has flown. Making a gift lets me dream a little.

But you are the important person in this conversation. We want to know what you think. Why do you give? Yes, it’s tricky. There is no right answer. The better question is, “Why not give to Smirkus?”

Every gift matters. Thank you for making yours today.