Smirkus Ringmaster Residencies

Book an educational, fun-filled visit to your school by Circus Smirkus!

Our Smirkus Resident Artists bring learning to life, sharing traditional circus skills with students in a way that captures young imaginations while building confidence and fostering simple, proven strategies for success. Watch a brief video below of what kids learn in a Smirkus school residency:


It’s fun! Whether it’s under a Big Top tent or right in your own gym, assembly room or rec center, circus is a joy for kids and grown ups, both. Like Lisa Kaija of Reading Elementary raves, “a Smirkus Residency is “off the charts for everyone involved!”

Our professionally trained Resident Artists, each one a seasoned circus veteran, provide expert instruction in body movement, juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, plate spinning and more. It’s an engaging variety of training that improves balance, reflexes and fine motor skills while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Circus is an activity that requires the same dedication, discipline and hard work of any sport, only it stresses collaboration rather than competition. Kids set and achieve goals together, learning cooperation and camaraderie.

Ringmaster Residencies are also classroom-ready. Host a Smirkus Resident Artist and you’ll receive access to an extensive curriculum guide, jam-packed with over 150 pages of standards-based, circus-related lesson plans. Teachers will find all manner of exercises, projects and more that extend the Big Top theme into the classroom in a way that maintains the Residency’s momentum and kids’ interest. Students transfer their newfound excitement for circus right into theme related art, music, science, history, math and language studies.



Booking and funding a Smirkus In-School Residency is typically accomplished through a school’s PTO and costs can be offset any number of ways, such as through dedicated state grants and other funding for the arts in your region.

In-school Residencies consist of instruction throughout the school day, with a break for the artist’s lunch. These fun, educational visits to your school are available as 1-, 5- and 10-day programs, educating up to 25 students at a time.


Some after-school programs use a participant fee to off-set the cost of an after-school Residency, making this a budget-friendly choice for provider organizations.

This option includes an in-school assembly program, 12.5 after-school hours over 5 days, 4 in-school workshops and a final performance held in the afternoon or evening.

All of our 5- and 10-day programs conclude with an outstanding all-school circus performance. Invite parents and community to this amazing event and watch each student shine! The final show can also further benefit your school by serving as a fundraising event. It’s a great opportunity to raise money through ticket sales and more.


Contact Residency Director Allie Browne at or call Allie directly at 802-533-7443 ext. 34.

Educators: Download this printable PDF to learn how a Smirkus Ringmaster Residency provides transferable learning skills and supports Social & Emotional Learning.