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Meet Brin Schoellkopf

It’s an exciting time for 4th year graduating ENC student and Smirkus Alumni Brin Schoellkopf. This month, he’ll have just performed his wire act at TOHU, a unique performance space located in Montreal created especially for circus arts. Brin, along with another graduating ENC student, had the honor of representing the École Nationale de Cirque in the 3rd annual Coup de Coeur, translating roughly to ‘a special place in your heart’ or ‘falling in love’, a circus variety show featuring circus artists from around the world. This was Brin’s opportunity to try out the new act he’s been developing for final evaluations in…

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Meet Ruby Frank

Editor’s note: This post was written by Ruby Frank, 1st year trouper & former Smirkus Camper. She is the ten year old daughter of Daniel Frank (former Smirkus Camp Coach & former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus clown) and Deena Marcum Selko (former Smirkus Camp Coach and Founder, Artistic Director & Head Coach of the Moth Poetic Circus in Denver, Colorado. Watch the video for an interview with Ruby and then read her post below: I guess you could say that I am a “Smirkus baby”. My Mom is an aerialist and she runs her own circus school and my Dad was…

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VIDEO: Smirkus and The Impact of Stories

Vermont Story Lab is a network of nonprofits and individuals with a common goal: to weave storytelling through the fabric of nonprofit organizations to expand our reach and impact. Watch this video of Circus Smirkus development specialist Scott Robbins as he talks about the impact of stories at Smirkus.

What Are Live Auditions?

Editor’s note: Watch the video above by Smirkus volunteer Andy Bell and read the post below to learn more about what the live auditions weekend is like, which occurs each year in January. Troupers who apply, submit videos for preliminary review, and are then chosen to attend the audition weekend participate in a series of evaluations, workshops, and open performances that judges review to choose the final Smirkus Troupe each year. HOW SMIRKUS AUDITIONS WORK Since 1987, The Big Top Tour has brought together 30 highly motivated young performers in a traditional traveling circus environment. These young performers (called Troupers)…

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Letter From A Trouper: Auditions

Circus Smirkus

Letter From A Trouper: Inside Circus Smirkus Live Auditions by Eva Lou Rhinelander My name is Eva Lou and I am a second year Circus Smirkus trouper and a third-year auditionee for the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour. On January 13th weekend, I drove with my family to audition for another chance to have amazing summer experience under the big top. Many of the forty-one kids and families that are invited to show their skill sets have come from all around the country, with just thirty spots open in the troupe. The audition process takes a total of three days,…

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Meet the 2018 Troupers

This summer come see Vaudeville: The 2018 Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour featuring 30 young circus artists from all over the United States and Canada. This year’s troupe includes 16 returning troupers and 14 new troupers whose ages range from age 10-18. The troupers reside from the following states (CA, CO, IL, MA, ME, MO, NH, NY, RI, TX, VA, VT, and WA) and Internationally (Canada). Video by Andy Bell with footage from Andrew Levy.  

Welcome Jennifer Carlo

Editor’s Note: Below is a letter from new Executive Director Jennifer Carlo, followed by the original press release announcing her arrival to Circus Smirkus. Greetings to all the family and friends of Circus Smirkus! I’m writing this on my eight week anniversary here on Circus Road in Greensboro, and from the minute I stepped into the ring, it has been a whirlwind!  I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend our Big Top Tour auditions earlier in January and to meet all the sublimely talented young people who will amaze you in the upcoming summer 2018 Big Top Tour! We are…

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Circus Smirkus Performs 2017 First Night Burlington

Watch the video below created by Andrew Levy and Circus Smirkus Trouper Chase Levy. Circus Smirkus performed 2 action-packed shows at The Flynn Center for Performing Arts as part of First Night Burlington. The troupers entertained a house full of circus lovers with juggling, clowning, acrobatics, aerials and brought joy and magic to their year end celebration.

Catastrophe and Grace

Rob Mermin Marcel Marceau Circus Smirkus

Editor’s Note: This article is by Erica Heilman of Rumble Strip and was originally published on October 16, 2017 Acclaimed Smirkus founder Rob Mermin speaks with Rumble Strip podcast host Erica Heilman about his career as a mime clown and circus performer, his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis three years ago, and the connections between the art forms of mime and movement. Click below to listen to the podcast, entitled “Catastrophe and Grace”. About Rob Rob Mermin trained in classical mime with Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau and has performed in European circus, theater, TV and film for forty years.  He is an author,…

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Hideaway Circus Interviews Director Mark Lonergan

Mark Lonergan Hideaway Circus

HIDEAWAY CIRCUS EPISODE 51 – MARK LONERGAN, CIRCUS AND PHYSICAL THEATER DIRECTOR Editor’s Note: This podcast was originally published by Hideaway Circus on November 6, 2017 On Episode 51 of Hideaway Circus, former Circus Smirkus Trouper Josh Aviner and co-producer Lyndsay Magid recount their experience at the newly revived Big Apple Circus and sit down for an interview with Smirkus Creative Director Mark Lonergan. Mark also directed Big Apple Circus and Circus Smirkus the past two seasons. They talk about the differences between directing theater and circus, and compare the old Big Apple to the new one. The whole interview is fascinating and…

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