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That’s A Wrap!

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen This week the 2021 Big Top Tour troupers and staff finished filming the last of the Smirk-o-Vision Finale! All summer, our Smirkus Troupers have been creating acts, performing and filming their show, Flare, A Campfire Story, which will stream on August 21. Filming a show was a new experience for everyone involved and it came with many stories and lessons. Without giving away too much of the show, here are a few things we learned: Always have bug spray nearby for outdoor shoots. Rely on Vermont to rain at the most…

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From Trouper to Counselor: Lindsey Barrows

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen Lindsey Barrows is one of this year’s fantastic Smirkus Tour counselors.  One of the things that makes her a great counselor is that she was a Smirkus Trouper.  From the ages of 15 to 18, Lindsey went on tour and experienced Smirkus magic through being a performer and trouper.  Now, she is helping create magic for troupers as a counselor.  In this conversation with Lindsey, learn about where her experience as both a trouper and counselor intersect. When you were a trouper did you want to be a counselor?…

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When the Unfamiliar Becomes Everyday Life

Editor’s Note: This post was written by 2nd year trouper Grant Bishop, from Los Angeles, CA In my head, New England and Smirkus are one and the same. My first time stepping onto East Coast soil was my trip to participate in the Circus Smirkus live auditions in 2020, and ever since then New England has been a home for me in many ways. Growing up in Los Angeles, I had little to no knowledge of a Northeastern lifestyle and was pretty content with my day to day surrounded by palm trees, ocean breezes, and the excitement of the city. However,…

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Every Trouper in Every Act?

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen This past Friday the coaches had a surprise in store for our troupers. When they walked into the tent during the time they would usually warm up for the day, they were handed a note. The note instructed them to create a show for their coaches with no guidance.  This was to be done in an hour and a half. If that doesn’t sound difficult enough, they couldn’t use any circus equipment, perform any tricks, and every trouper had to be in every act. The troupers instantly circled…

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Big Top Tour Show Prep

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen Piece by piece, the show at the Big Top Tour inTENTsive is coming together! Through the collaborative efforts of the troupers, our artistic director, and the coaches, this Smirk-o-Vision Season Finale will not be something you want to miss. Staying in Vermont this year gives our troupers more time to experiment with many disciplines and find ways to fit these disciplines in the show. For example, a new to Smirkus prop – the meteor – is a form of juggling where you swing and throw the prop in intricate patterns. Troupers…

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Letter from a Trouper: Alexa Wang

Editor’s Note: This post was written by 5th year trouper Alexa Wang I’ve had to remind myself that this isn’t “my last year with Smirkus”. Of course, it is my last year as a trouper and the last time I step into the ring as a “Smirko”, but one never leaves Smirkus and Smirkus never really leaves you. Every time I look into my future, I envision Smirkus being a part of it— whether it be my commitment to see the Big Top Tour every summer or my dream of one day coming back to be an employee, Smirkus is not…

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2021 inTENTsive Trouper Arrival

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen The staff and coaches had been working hard for this day. The tents were up, cabins cleaned, equipment prepped, pie cart stocked, all that was left was the arrival of the troupers. While we had planned arrivals in 15-minute increments, the first group of troupers arrived in a big line, holding hands, waltzing, and skipping up the long dirt driveway. This sight instantly brought a smile to the staff and coaches’ faces due to the contagious smirko energy. As more troupers arrived, more happy screams were coming from…

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Miming Workshop!

SPECIAL EVENT! Miming Workshop with Soleyman Pierini Have you ever wanted to learn to mime? We’re excited to offer this special workshop to anyone who wants to learn new movement skills, whether you love clowning or theater or just want to have some fun and a laugh! All ages & levels are welcome. Learn the 7 axis and 4 dynamics of movement – these are the very basics of mime – and then “fixed point”, which is used to create the classic mime illusions. You’ll practice miming skills and perhaps even learn about pantomiming, which is the art of creating…

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Circus Smirkus Alumni in Summer 2020

The 2020 Smirkus summer proved to be extraordinary. And in this time of resilience, our Smirkus alumni stepped up to participate in our Smirk-o-Vision online entertainment series, coached Smirkus Camp under COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, and behind the scenes as staff.  Our Smirkus alumni continue to create and share what it is to spread Smirkus magic. Thank you!

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Circus Smirkus affirms its commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion on an ongoing basis with the following words, shared in our hiring process, in our employee handbooks, and with our participants: “At Circus Smirkus, we believe in a circus culture that seeks out and celebrates all types of peoples, cultures, and skills to showcase the multifaceted triumph of human abilities. It is fundamental to our values to welcome employees, participants, and audience members of all backgrounds with the curiosity, respect, and awe human diversity inspires.”  Racism and hate have no place in our ring, our community, or…

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