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Trouper Close-Ups: Eva Lou Rhinelander and Alexa Wang

Trouper Close-Ups: Eva Lou Rhinelander and Alexa Wang

Eva Lou Rhinelander

Eva-Lou Rhinelander is a 12 year old Trouper from Melrose, MA.  She is a 2nd year Trouper and is so excited to be back on tour!  She first got involved with circus by taking a hula-hooping class.  “I like hula-hooping, but I also really like handstands and contortion a lot.”  She says her favorite part about being on tour is, “meeting new people at the homestays.” The most difficult part of being on tour for her is, ”the physical activity.  I just have to stay on top of conditioning”, which she gets help with from the coaches here on tour.  On the days where she and the rest of the Troupers are not performing while on tour, she says, “We do fun activities!  Like going into town, or eating ice cream.  My favorite day off was last year when we went to laser-tag.” Her final thoughts on Circus Smirkus? “Circus Smirkus is really cool and you should all come see it!”


Eva Lou performing in the hula-hoop act. (Photo by Martin Wang)


Alexa Wang

Alexa Wang is 15 years old and is from Jamaica Plain, MA.  She is a 1st year Trouper, and is thrilled to be here!   Alexa got her start in circus at the age of 8, when her grandparents got her a unicycle.  After learning how to ride the unicycle, she wanted to gain more circus skills.  She did so by attending Circus Smirkus Camp for 5 years.  Alexa is one of our clowns this year in clown alley.  Outside of circus, Alexa participates in musical theater and is a dancer. Alexa believes there are a lot of similarities between clowning and musical theater.  Circus Smirkus, she says, “is everything I ever dreamed of.”  Although, she says one unexpected aspect of being on tour is the fact that it is really sweaty.  But, “getting to perform every day is a very unique experience,” and is what makes getting sweaty, worth it.


Alexa performing as a clown in the opening number. (Photo by Martin Wang)

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