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Summer Starts with Smirkus

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Camp Communications Intern Magdalene McCaffrey

Smirkus Camp sessions have officially begun!

This season was kicked off by Adult Camp, a session open to those from age 21 and beyond for a weekend full of workshops, activities, and campfires.

After a week of cleaning, tent raising, and loading in, the campus went from a quiet oasis to a circus paradise. Thursday, Summer Camp Director William Forchion and Assistant Camp Director Amira Silverman welcomed in campers with this session’s coaches to start off the weekend in the Balance Barn. Campers went to dinner and then had time to settle in.

Friday marked the first day of skills and activities, starting with a french toast breakfast, warm ups, and the first round of circus sessions. Campers were given the option to choose between aerials or juggling, followed by a second session of either acrobatics or clowning. After lunch, campers had free time to experiment with what they’d learned and take a breather before afternoon sessions. Along with aerials and juggling, acrobatics and clowning, coaches brought out unicycles and the crash course began in the Balance Barn – no pun intended!

Campers settled into a rhythm to explore their curiosity and excitement in taking on new challenges. Bonding over mistakes and triumphs, our adult campers worked together cheering each other on and even physically supporting each other as they waded into partner acrobatics.

The first day closed with a blast-to-the-past 80’s themed dinner and a “Talent-less Show” where any non-circus talent was showcased. It was a strong start to an amazing weekend.

Saturday was another full day of workshops, as campers learned cartwheels, partner acrobatics, stilts and how to fly high on the aerial lyra. The morning sessions peaked in a human pyramid. Between sessions, campers laughed and talked excitedly about what they learned and what more they could do. In the afternoon, balance became a huge goal as determined campers worked at crossing the tightwire and riding unicycles.

The evening concluded with a fairy-tale themed dinner, a campfire with s’mores and a Smirkus Camp tradition: getting “pie-d” in the face. Much hilarity ensued as campers were filled aluminum pie tins with thick, foaming soap, and no one escaped a face full of foam pie! Late into the night, sitting around the fire pit, Camp Director William enthralled campers with stories of his life in circus.

Sunday concluded Adult Camp on a strong note. After breakfast, campers attended the last warm-up and morning sessions of juggling, aerials, clowning, and partner acrobatics. After lunch, the afternoon and final sessions took place learning the entrances and exits of clowning, unicycling and stilting in the Balance Barn, tightrope walking and lastly, stretching and rolling out muscles.

Smirkus Camp concluded with an afternoon snack of delicious scones and a sharing circle in the Balance Barn where campers expressed their takeaways, joys, and thanks for each other and the bonds they made.

Overall this was a strong start to the summer and bodes well for a fun-filled and beautiful summer here at Smirkus Camp.

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