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A Car-load of Talent!

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Camp Photographer & Communications Assistant Will Ciardelli

As we go into our second week of the All Levels 2-week session, we look back at the last week at Clown Alley. As per usual the campers have been training hard in their rotation groups and choice time, learning a variety of different skills and polishing up some already practiced tricks and bits.

But in this session we put our campers up to the test – a Lip Synch Battle against their counselor groups and we were not disappointed! Everybody rehearsed their songs and even added some snazzy choreography to compete for the mystery prize that would be given to the best act. Even our CIT’s joined in on the fun creating a performance to I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys. When the winner was announced so was the prize in question, which was being piled into our Mini Cooper clown car for Greensboro’s Funky Fourth of July Parade!

As if the incredible lip synch performances weren’t enough, we also hosted a Camper Talent Show which also did not disappoint. We had performances ranging from original songs about experiences at camp, to beatboxing, and even had a camper do a fast paced art piece! Everybody had their fun and got to show off their own unique skills unrelated to circus arts, which was entertaining to see.

We also had our fair share of eventful dinner dress ups with fun themes such as Nerds vs. Jocks, What’s Under the Bed, and even Lumberjacks vs. Lady Gaga!

When Friday rolled around we revealed to the campers that we had the opportunity to go and visit the Big Top Tour and watch their dress rehearsal for their now up and running show A Midsummer’s Night Circus which may have inspired our young campers to maybe try out for tour themselves some day! At the end of the show the troupers hung around in the ring to answer some burning questions from our campers about their favorite things about circus and what the experience rehearsing for a tour is like. We would like to thank the Big Top Tour for inviting us to see the show they’ve been working on and it was a great experience for everybody involved.

On Saturday our campers started the day getting ready for the parade which many campers opted to be involved in, doing things like unicycling and juggling, and proudly walking our banner down Breezy Avenue with our clown car following close behind! Our campers walked beside the performers from Bread and Puppet who were also in attendance, as well as the local farm Jasper Hill that was (to the campers delight) giving out full wheels of
cheese! Campers also may have received quite the shower of candy from passing participants of the parade, such that most campers walked back to campus with a collection of assorted goodies and treats.

We now move into our second week where campers will focus on creating a show for the final day of camp and we are so excited to see what they come up with!