Online Circus Training & Events for Everyone

Circus Smirkus is now offering live online classes for circus enthusiasts of all ages and levels that you can take from home. Here you’ll find classes in a variety of circus skills, fitness and conditioning, and performance taught by circus experts including Circus Smirkus coaches and troupers.

All classes are hosted on a web service called Zoom. Zoom is free for you to use and can be downloaded to your laptop or smart phone.

You will receive a link to the classroom in your confirmation email after you sign up.

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Juggling  (click here for Juggling Supplies)

Beginner Juggling Classes

  • NEW! Session: Beginner Ball Juggling (age 8+)
    Learn juggling with Big Top Tour trouper Soleyman Pierini! In this introduction to juggling, learn the drills that eventually lead to a successful 3 ball juggling pattern, and have fun at each step along the way. You can take this class multiple times to keep improving.
    4 classes: July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3
  • Session: Beginner Diabolo (age 8+)
    Learn a variety of tricks with the diabolo, starting from the basics of how to start and keep it spinning on the string, then moving to throwing and catching it back on the string, and finally to moves such as “whip propulsion”, “trapeze”, “around the leg” and more! Finally, work on combining what you have learned into a routine.
    4 classes: July 23, July 30, August 6, August 13
  • Scarf Juggling with Mr. Josh (age 5+)
    For absolute beginners! Learn the basics of juggling using scarves with Mr. Josh, former Ringling Clown and Director of New Programs at Circus Smirkus.
    June 26 at 2:00 PM

 Intermediate & Advanced Juggling with Theo
Join 3rd year Big Top Tour trouper Theo LeBlanc in this series of higher level juggling classes.

★ Prop Manipulaton with Mr. Josh (click here for Juggling Supplies)

Hula Hooping Live with Eva Lou!
Join 5th year Big Top Tour trouper Eva Lou Rhinelander in this series of hula hooping classes. You will receive a link to the classroom in your confirmation email.

 Magic with Soleyman
Join 3rd year Big Top Tour trouper Soleyman Pierini in this series of magic classes. Amaze your friends! You will receive a link to the classroom in your confirmation email.

★ Clowning Classes

  • Back by popular demand! Session: Devising Material with Mark Gindick – Learn the nitty gritty technique of building a funny show!
    We had such a good time with Mark that we’re bringing him back! In this special workshop we’ll focus on building bits, investigating inspiration and structure, and fine tuning the funny. At the end you’ll have a brand new piece to perform, personally coached Mark Gindick of Cirque du Soleil, Ringling and Big Apple Circus!
    4 classes: July 22, July 29, August 5, August 12

★ Act Creation with Doug Stewart
Bring your current act or start from scratch: students will work with Head Coach Doug Stewart to build a 3 minute act. Classes would consist of creative exercises, showcases and facilitated feedback. This class is limited to 5 students!

★ Handstands & Contortion Training with Rebecca Starr

  • I Handstands (Intermediate Level)
    You’ll learn the fundamentals of handstand technique, build the strength to maintain balance on your hands and grow your handstand practice to be able to incorporate variations in body position. You’ll learn to support your body weight on your arms/ upper body as well as other drills to make your handstand practice successful. If you’re just finding your balance on your hands, we will work to increase your comfort and ability to hold a freestanding handstand. If handstands are already part of your practice we will add on, working towards different leg variations, press handstands, one arms and more.

    Session: July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4
  • NEW 6-WEEK SESSION! Intermediate & Advanced Contortion
    Most people think the art of contortion is the art of being flexible; in reality it is the art of controlling flexibility. Contortion is the ability to be simultaneously strong and flexible, all while making your audience think it’s easy. This class will be a fundamental strength and technique class for those interested in continuing their exploration in the discipline of contortion. Through a variety of flexibility and conditioning techniques we will get your body bendy and work towards developing control, awareness and understanding of the body with regard to the principles of contortion.
    Session: July 16, July 23, July 30, August 6, August 13, August 20

Training & Conditioning
(also available individually in the links below)

  • Summer Mentorship Program with Doug Stewart
    Meet your summer training goals! Students and Mentor would work together to define goals and establish training routines and exercises. Whether you want to increase strength training for aerials or improve your juggling skills, Doug will work on your personalized workout plans and make you accountable. This class is limited to 5 people only!
    Session: June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7

★ Private Lessons
Private lessons are available in most circus disciplines by request. Please email Josh Shack for more information.

★ At Home Residency with Josh Shack

Get an at-home residency package!
Next session: Daily June 22-June 26 at 2:00 PM
Circus Smirkus is taking their residency program and delivering it to your living room. Please email Josh Shack for custom scheduling options.

Circus SmirkusThis package is $100 and includes an at-home residency kit (valued at $48) plus five online classes, using all of the equipment in the kit. That’s like getting one class for free!

Kit includes: peacock feather, spinning plates, juggling scarves, flower sticks, and of course, a red clown nose.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the online classes.

Our 5-day sessions include the following classes:

  • Make ‘Em Laugh: Intro to Clowning  
  • Balancing Peacock Feathers  
  • The Art of Spinning Plates  
  • Learning to Use Flower Sticks  
  • Intro to Juggling: Scarf Juggling

★ Resources

Need supplies?
Here’s where you can purchase or make supplies you might need for our circus classes: