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Jon Roitman

Jon Roitman, Acro and Juggling Coach

Jon Roitman has a background as an international circus performer and coach, specializing in club passing, banquine and Russian bar. He is a graduate of the Montreal National Circus School, and has performed with various circus companies in seventeen countries across six continents.

A Smirkus camper himself from 1999-2002, he coached for Smirkus Advanced Camp in 2016, and has been a coach-on-tour with the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour from 2017-2019. Jon is the artistic director and head coach of the Flying Gravity Circus, a non-profit youth circus performance and education organization based in Wilton, NH, where he also teaches circus arts and physical education at High Mowing School, and directs the annual middle school Hiltop Circus on the High Mowing School’s Pine Hill Campus.

When he is not coaching, performing, travelling, or taking fun circus photos in random places, you are likely to find Jon reading a science fiction or fantasy book, learning or teaching various foreign languages, practicing the accordion and guitar, or playing a round of Settlers of Catan.