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Smirkling Camp Kick-Off

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Camp Communications Intern Magdalene McCaffrey

Circus Smirkus

2019 Smirkling Camp

Smirkus Camp welcomed in our youngest campers to Smirkling Camp 2019, bright and early Friday, June 15! 70 campers, accompanied by their grownups, arrived and started off the day with registration and hula-hooping before the grownups said goodbye for the weekend.

Circus Smirkus

How to succeed at trying

Campers gathered in the Balance Barn for introductory games and fun before the first sessions began at 10am. Assigned to color groups called Purple, Red, Blue and Green, the campers rotated between juggling, acrobatics, aerials, and clowning until noon. Each group had a chance to try out each skill before lunch. Campers tried out front rolls, juggling two balls, climbing aerial silks and the art of movement in clowning. You could feel the excitement in the air as each camper hurried from one tent to the other with wide smiles and shrieks of laughter.

After a hearty lunch, everyone had some downtime to settle into their rooms and rest before afternoon sessions. Coach Sophia Martel kicked off the afternoon sessions with a contortion move for the Trick of the Day. Smirklings then continued rotations by group, expanding on what they learned in the morning sessions. Campers challenged themselves by trying new things with the supportive eyes and hands of coaches.

Circus Smirkus

The smile says it all!

At 3:30pm, sessions let out and campers snacked on juicy oranges under the warm sun. After a few games, everyone took some time to rest and get ready for dinner, dressing up for the night’s theme of Superheroes! The large cast of Spider-mans and Hulks filled their bellies like true superheroes and the fun-filled night concluded with a movie viewing of The Incredibles before lights out.

Saturday morning the Smirklings rose at 7am for breakfast and morning warm-ups before diving into another round of sessions! In the Mamma Mia tent, campers advanced in aerials, juggling, and tightwire skills, while in the Natalie tent, campers learned cartwheels and partner acrobatics. Lastly, in the Ruby tent, campers learned how to tell a story through movement.

Circus SmirkusBy noon everyone was happy, but hungry for macaroni and cheese and a camp song at the picnic tables! After lunch, every camper got a last chance to walk the wire, try the trapeze, silly walk, or jump from the mini trampoline. Campers asked questions and achieved new goals in the tents, working closely with coaches to learn how to take a fun risk.

At 3pm, grownups returned to camp and together, the campers and parents experienced the Smirkus Pie Day tradition. Campers happily “pie-d” everyone from grownups to counselors to each other, with big smiles and bigger high-fives. After clean up, the Smirklings said their goodbyes and thank yous to to new friends and camp staff before departing. It was a busy weekend full of circus, with Smirkus smiles on campers, counselors and coaches alike!

Circus Smirkus