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Meet Ruby Frank

Editor’s note: This post was written by Ruby Frank, 1st year trouper & former Smirkus Camper. She is the ten year old daughter of Daniel Frank (former Smirkus Camp Coach & former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus clown) and Deena Marcum Selko (former Smirkus Camp Coach and Founder, Artistic Director & Head Coach of the Moth Poetic Circus in Denver, Colorado.

Watch the video for an interview with Ruby and then read her post below:

I guess you could say that I am a “Smirkus baby”. My Mom is an aerialist and she runs her own circus school and my Dad was a clown with Ringling Brother’s Circus. They met when they were both coaches at Smirkus Camp and now… here I am.

Smirkus has always been a part of my life.  I saw my first show when I was 12 days old. I don’t remember much from that show but I’m sure I loved it.

Ruby at 2018 Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour Live Auditions

Before I was old enough to be a camper, I spent many summers at Smirkus Camp with my Dad when he was the head coach.

I spent a lot of time participating in the clowning classes and I learned a lot from watching others. When I was finally tall enough, I also spent a lot of time and practicing on the unicycle.

I spent two summers as an “official” camper. My favorite things to do at camp were clowning, dinner dress-up, capture the flag and zombie apocalypse.

During the school year I train at my Mom’s circus school, Moth Poetic Circus in Denver.  I like doing silks and clowning and I am developing my skills as a juggler. I am also involved in musical theater and I love sewing and making crafts. 

When I decided try out for the tour, I shared my act ideas with my Dad and then I picked out music that I liked and we created my clown piece together. Once I had it all blocked and memorized I practiced it every day for two weeks and then I felt confident. It really came to life when I had an audience to perform for. 

My goal for the summer is to become a better hula-hooper and to grow as a performer in the ring. I think it is cool that I am going to be the youngest trouper on tour this summer. 

Advice that I would give to anyone who dreams of being on tour with Circus Smirkus: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, dream big and dream boldly. Be unique with your ideas and try new things. If they don’t work, instead of saying, “I haven’t found a way to succeed” say, “I have found a million ways to fail” and that’s great too!