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Ivy Blake

Ivy Blake, Multi-tent Coach
Sessions: Intermediate Camp, Advanced Camp

Ivy Blake is human person from New England.

Ivy hails from the greater Boston area and started attending Smirkus Camp at age 11. She was immediately drawn to the community she found there: fiercely joyful, accepting of everyone’s weird, tough as nails, and committed to making magic. The next six summers were the same.

Ivy kept dance, circus, and theatre in her life through the end of high school. After giving college the good ol’ college try, she was accepted to the Professional Preparatory Program at SANCA in Seattle, and the following year to the full-time training program at ALOFT Circus Arts in Chicago. At ALOFT Ivy discovered tight-wire, her specialty.

After two years of working, teaching, and training in Chicago, Ivy decided that she needed more schooling to achieve her professional goals, and after auditioning was accepted to the preparatory program at the Centre Regionale des Arts du Cirque ARC EN CIRQUE in Chambéry, France. She currently is finishing up her first year.

In her spare time, she loves to cook, discuss politics and social justice with friends, travel, learn new languages, and go swing dancing. Here is what Ivy loves about circus: everything.