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An Interview from the Juggling Tent

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Camp Communications Intern Spencer Hovel

Hey Pher! Hey Ari!… Hey Ferrari! Let’s get to know a bit more from our juggling coaches Pher Gleason and Ari Slavin.

Spencer: What is/ isn’t juggling? 

Pher/Ari: Every time you come in contact with an object you are juggling. So basically everything is juggling. Every time you take a step, you are foot juggling the world. Theoretically if you are floating naked in space you might not be juggling but only if you don’t think of yourself as an object. 

Spencer: How long have you been juggling? 

Ari: Since I popped out of the womb. 

Pher: 14 years and 2 months give or take 2 years.

Spencer: What is the name of the juggling tent this year? 

Pher: The juggling tent is called Millie. Everyday we have what is called a Millie Meltdown. It’s not a time to try but instead a time to get funky and celebrate juggling. If there is history behind the name Millie it is a mystery to us.

Spencer: What is the best routine you have watched with your own eyes (juggling or any circus)?

Ari: Adam Kuchler’s cigar box juggling act … SLAPS! He drops on purpose in a way you wouldn’t notice until you see the act more than once. I like those kinds of little secrets. It’s crisp and never gets old.

Spencer: What tricks/acts/ideas have you been playing with recently?

Pher: Because there is not a lot of live juggling right now I’ve been working on juggling for the camera. It’s different because it has to look good flat from one angle instead of in the round. But you can get a lot more detailed because the camera sees more than an audience does. I’ve found that rings are very good and visual.

AriThese days I’ve been working on getting all my limbs, props, and feelings as tangled as possible. I’ve been more stuck than ever. Getting untangled is the uncomfortable part for me, and it feels good to get untangled but that part isn’t easy. 

Spencer: Who/what/where are your juggling inspirations?

Pher: I’m a huge fan of Kris Kremo and how clean all of his tricks are . The guy has been juggling the same 4 acts for 50 plus years and they are still fresh as butter because they are so crisp. I also love Jackie Chan’s deeply experimental material disguised as comedic martial arts. 

Ari: Netta Oren is where it’s at. She gives me all the feels and then some. 

Spencer: What advice would you give beginner jugglers/people who have never tried juggling and want to get into it for the first time?

Pher/Ari: The thing about juggling is it’s fun and satisfying. There is nothing quite like nailing a trick you have been pooping your pants about for hours. Just do it. Don’t think about the end result. And don’t be afraid to get shwifty #Jrog