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Ari Slavin

Ari Slavin
Juggling Coach

All Levels Circus Camp, Sessions 1 & 2

Ari is a multidisplary circus and visual artist from Middlebury Vermont. She is a lover of the absurd and whimsical, and is thrilled to be home for the summer to share what she loves most.

As a child, Ari grew up watching the Smirkus tour and would come home only to climb over the furniture and tumble across the lawn all year. After her first summer as camper at Smirkus she knew that in some shape or form, circus would be part of her life forever.
Juggling came into Ari‘s life around the age of 16 when she moved to Chicago to train circus more seriously. Previously she had dabbled in many circus disciplines but nothing quite fit right until she discovered  juggling.
She is currently living in Québec City where she is majoring in Juggling at École de Cirque de Québec.