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Dinner Dress Up: Pirates vs Ninjas

Smirkus campers on their way to the Pirates and Ninjas themed dinner dress up

After a full day of climbing silks, walking on stilts, and flying on the trapeze, it’s time for dinner.

This is Smirkus Camp, after all, so not just any old outfit will do.

In groups of campers and counselors alike, stealthy ninjas and rogue pirates arrive ready to fill up on some delicious evening fare.

“Arggghhh,” they sneered, giggling as they held their hooked hands high into the sky. The ninjas were silent as their masked faces tip toed through the gravel path.

Cabin by cabin, groups of campers streamed by, eyepatches, bandanas, tutus, trash bags, leotards, and so much more being looped and wrapped and combined to create unique takes on the theme; Pirates vs Ninjas!

Once the whole crew was inside, the counselors sat perched high in the rafters, inflatable swords and parrots perched beside them.

“Arghh, arghh, arghh,” they chanted, a piratey variation on the usual “yo, yo, yo” call to attention.

“Arghh, what’s up?” the campers cheered back, catching onto the fun and updating their automatically response, ready to listen.

“If you’re wearing an eye patch, go get some grub!” said the pirate from the rafters as dozens of little pirates scrambled to go get their dinner.

Every few minutes a new group was called, anyone with a mask, anyone with a sword or prop, anyone wearing black, anyone who hasn’t gotten food yet.

Every face in the room was lit with the excitement of the night, a community of campers and staff fully committed to the fun and creativity of performance and pretend.

The campers laughed up at their counselors eating from the rafters, drinking “sea water” that had just a dash of salt thrown in.

It was the perfect coda to an adventurous day of learning new skills, making new friends, and breaking bread with folks who appreciated participating in the magic of the day.


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