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Cirque du Jour

Good evening all!

Today was a gorgeous Vermont day at the Circus Smirkus Headquarters. This was the first sunny and warm day during rehearsals. The troupers continued rehearsing for the show, which premiers in 17 days. The dedication and endurance of the troupers, and expertise of the coaches is a testament to the the amazing feat that this cast will have accomplished when July 3 arrives.

Collin, Ariana, and Emily prepare for Stilts class.

This afternoon Alice Levitt, a food writer for Seven Days, came to do a piece on our very own Pie Car. Levitt interviewed Katie Schroeder, our head cook, and a variety of Smirkus staff and troupers. For those of you who have never experienced a meal with Circus Smirkus, you are missing out.  Our Pie Car offers the most varied, delicious, made-from-scratch meals you have ever eaten. On the menu this evening was enchiladas (both beef and vegetarian), an array of Latin toppings and salsas, salad, and fresh watermelon for dessert. The cooks have their hands full…Feeding a circus is no easy task. When the article is published, I will follow up with a link.

Katie and Alice discuss the Pie Car operations

The troupers went to Council this evening and Willow, the head counselor, announced that tonight the troupers would be playing “Panic,” a Smirkus tradition which celebrated its 15th anniversary tonight. This scavenger hunt of sorts is full of antics and twists which allows the troupers to bond with their trailer-mates and break the ice. Since it is early in the rehearsal period, it is important to gain rapport. The evening was enjoyable for all and was particularly entertaining for the “peanut gallery” of onlookers.

Here’s to more sunny and warm days!

Tour Communications Intern