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Cool Campers

With temperatures in the 90s all week it would have been easy for campers to become overheated, easily fatigued, and a little out of the Smirkus Spirit. Thankfully, this did not happen. Along with the constant reminders to campers to drink water, Smirkus provided plenty of fun water activities to keep campers as cool as their personalities. When the heat first started settling in on Monday, there were cold shaving cream filled trays and a hose on hand to provide both smiles and a break from the heat. Pie Day was a hit with campers and staff alike, all relishing…

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Dinner Dress Up: Pirates vs Ninjas

After a full day of climbing silks, walking on stilts, and flying on the trapeze, it’s time for dinner. This is Smirkus Camp, after all, so not just any old outfit will do. In groups of campers and counselors alike, stealthy ninjas and rogue pirates arrive ready to fill up on some delicious evening fare. “Arggghhh,” they sneered, giggling as they held their hooked hands high into the sky. The ninjas were silent as their masked faces tip toed through the gravel path. Cabin by cabin, groups of campers streamed by, eyepatches, bandanas, tutus, trash bags, leotards, and so much more being looped and…

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Why Do You Love Smirkus Camp?

“Why do you love Smirkus camp?” I asked them, walking up to the campers in the middle of their afternoon activity. First I asked a young boy hanging upside down from a railing, then his friend watching eagerly from the side. “Because it’s awesome,” he said, running off for more fun before I could grab his name. “I just like circus. Aerials, juggling, unicycle, basically everything,” Ruby laughed, throwing her arms up to motion to the area around her. After just one day on the grounds, she was hooked. I looked to the left to find more campers, ones who weren’t…

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Summer Starts with Smirklings

Smirkling Camp starts off the summer season

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Communications & Sales Associate Abbey Jermyn  Hello Smirkus World! After a week of orientation, the campers have finally arrived here for Smirkling Camp! This morning was filled with excited campers juggling for the first time, clowning around, trying out the trapeze, tumbling in the acrobatics tent, and so much more! Tomorrow is another jam-packed day full of circus fun, ending with an all-time camper favorite: PIE DAY! This Smirkus tradition involves campers throwing a pie into the face of a grown-up of their choice (can you tell why they love it?). I am always astounded by…

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From Camper To Trouper: Asom Hayman-Jones

Editor’s note: The video interview below was conducted at live auditions in January at the New England Center for Circus Arts.  Asom Hayman-Jones is a former Smirkus camper and now first year trouper; read his blog post below.   Me? I’m an athlete born in New York but raised in a small town in Vermont. For most of my life, I had no connection to the circus. All that was on my mind was school, sports, and music. I lived most of my life going to a public school, in the band and playing 3 year-round sports. At that time, this was all that was…

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Happy Campers

We can’t wait to see you at Smirkus Camp this summer! Take a walk through the dorms with the kids of Smirkus Camp in this video that will have you dancing in your seat!

Hello From A Counselor

Meet Sebastian Ferlo, 3rd year Camp Counselor.  He can’t wait to see you again at Smirkus Camp this summer, and he’s ready to live the circus life with you! Camp is filling quickly, so reserve your spot today! Watch this video to find out more, and read below about our new program structure, and how to apply for scholarships. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE SUMMER? Even if you’re familiar with how our programs are structured, take a close look at the list below, as we have made some changes. June 8-10 Adult Camp: Age 21+ June 23 Intro To Smirkus: Age 5-11…

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My Experience at Adult Camp

Watch a short video about Adult Camp, and then read a post below by adult camper Kathryn Sarken By Kathryn Sarken, Adult Camper We arrived at Big Kid Camp with pillows and sleeping bags and circus dreams. Some of us had never tried circus, others were looking forward to their first time (ever!) at overnight camp. As a returning camper, I was eager to get back into the tents, to see friends from last summer, to meet new people, and to experience again the magic of Smirkus Camp. We got our circus activities rolling… with forward and backward rolls! From…

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Audition Opportunities at Circus Smirkus

Circus Smirkus Is Now Accepting Audition Applications for two programs: the 2018 Big Top Tour and 2018 Advanced Camp Sessions. ★ BIG TOP TOUR APPLICATIONS DUE NOVEMBER 1, 2017 Who Can Apply: Youth ages 10-18 trained in circus or other physical disciplines, with strong teamwork skills, excellent stage presence, and interest in traditional circus arts, are encouraged to apply! Video audition required – click here for more information. What Is the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour? Each year since 1987, the award-winning Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour has featured 30 young performers in a traditional traveling circus. These young performers hail…

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Camp’s Session V

This blog post is written by Head Counselor, Nathan Eckstein It is so hard to believe that we are saying goodbye to Session V on Friday! We have had an absolutely amazing time this session. With three programs running all at once its been a whirlwind of activity and circus fun. This session’s 10 member Road Show, under the direction of Suzanne Santos, brought their Greek God’s and Goddess themed show all over Vermont, including stops in Derby Line, Burlington, and Montpellier. They visited senior living centers, childcare centers, and had a few public performances out doors as well including…

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