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Boogie Shoes and the Smirkle of Happiness

The last night of Session III came to an end in epic fashion, with the Camper Dance! As the day ended, Campers filed into our big top, Mamma Mia, to celebrate our time together by showing off our dance moves.

With smiles on their faces and passion in their soles, this was one of the last memory making moments for these campers. Lyrics were sung and the YMCA was performed and it was a great way for our campers to relax after spending a majority of the day prepping for the showcase the following day.

When the music finally died down and everyone had left it all out on the dance floor, the entire camp circled, or as we say at camp “smirkled,” to form the circle of happiness. This is a time in which each member of Session III, campers and staff, take a moment to reflect on the memories that they experienced at camp. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and by the end everyone left the smirkle knowing how much one another truly cares about each other. It was a great reminder of what everyone accomplished here at camp, both in terms of acquiring new circus skills, as well life lessons.

After everything had been shared and it was nearing time for bed, everyone got up, hugged one another and walked out of the tent, ready to perform as a team in front of a packed crowd at the showcase the next day.

Dancing a boogie dance at closing

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