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Back to Our Roots

Good Evening!

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This morning, the Smirkos had a special meeting with the Circus Smirkus Creative Team. Jesse Dryden, creative director, and Troy Wunderle, artistic director, explained to the troupers that each one of them is vital to the final product — the 2011 Circus Smirkus show. Troy drove the point home by showing the Troupers a puzzle and then by removing one of the pieces; the absence of just one piece made a difference to the entire aesthetic of the puzzle. This segued nicely into the directors announcing their casting plans for the entire show. This is a bittersweet moment on tour — some troupers were disappointed, some were really happy — but the great attitudes that won them their spots at Smirkus showed through, and everyone left the meeting determined to work hard and be the best “puzzle piece” he or she could be.


This evening after dinner and a kind of elaborate game of tag — troupers, counselors and coaches playing together — the nightly Council Meeting was called, and the troupers were joined by a special guest: Rob “Robbo” Mermin, founder of Circus Smirkus. Rob came to tell troupers about Circus Smirkus history and trivia. He shared stories from the road, of circus celebrities (like famed mime and mentor Marcel Marceau, who visited and performed with Circus Smirkus) and tales of the hallowed Smirkus Headquarters. As a special treat, the Pie Car (circus lingo for “Cook House”) provided delicious hot chocolate to make this event extra special.

The Smirkos with Rob Mermin

Sunshine and warm temps predicted for tomorrow! Hup, hey!

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