Smirkus Volunteers

Volunteer with Circus Smirkus

Joining the Smirkus Volunteer Team is a meaningful way to help share the magic of Circus Smirkus with your community. Frankly, we couldn’t do this work without the support of so many volunteers who have become a part of the Smirkus Family.

Volunteer for Tour

Here are some ways that you can support Smirkus this summer with your time.

tourvolunteers1) Postering and Flyering for 2018 Big Top Tour

Sign up here to hand out flyers and hang posters in and around our self-presented
tour towns: Greensboro and Montpelier, VT, Hanover NH, and Waltham, MA.

2) Day of show help for 2018 Big Top Tour locations:

We are also seeking day of show volunteers to assist our Front-of-House staff in ticket taking, passing out programs, and parking cars. Sign up here: