Session 3 Orientation Day 2016

We’re hiring remarkable people for the 2017 season! Join us for an adventure across New England that you’ll never forget or create incredible summer memories by coaching and mentoring Smirkus Campers in beautiful Vermont. Keep reading to find out where the road may lead you…

2017 Smirkus Camp Employment Opportunities

Click the job title to see job descriptions. All applicants should send their Smirkus job application, resume and cover letters to camp@smirkus.org. Room and board is provided for all positions.

2016staffSmirkus Camp Coach

Smirkus Camp is hiring qualified coaches who specialize in our four main areas: Clowning, acrobatics, juggling and aerial arts. Versatility, professional training, and performance experience are a must. Please email bill.merrylees@smirkus.org with a cover letter, resume, Smirkus job application, and promo videos.

Smirkus Camp Rigger/Tent Boss

Smirkus Camp Speciality Cook 

Note: All Applicants to work at Camp in 2017 must be 18 years of age on or before their first day of employment. Camp will be reviewing applications for all other positions beginning January 2017. Please provide a Smirkus Job Application, a cover letter, and a resume in your application. Email your materials to bill.merrylees@smirkus.org.

2017 Big Top Tour Seasonal Positions
Work for Smirkus! We’re gearing up for our blockbuster 2017 summer season and looking for good people for our Big Top Tour seasonal positions. All applicants should send their Smirkus job application, resume and cover letters to tour@smirkus.org. Click the job title to see job descriptions. Room and board is included for all positions.

Bon Appétit!

Prop Master
Scenic Designer
Assistant Cook
Head Concessionaire
Head Rigger
Production Intern
Stage Manager
Tent Crew
Tour Wardrobe Supervisor