Smirkus Alumni

Catching up with a Smirkus Alumni: Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams

Years and age on tour: 1 year at Smirkus Camp ’91 (first Smirkus camp), 13 years old; 7 years on Tour, 14-20 years old

Current age:  38

Current location:  Las Vegas, NV

Occupation:  Circus Performer- currently doing high wire

Favorite circus act to watch: I still love the bankine act in Quidam.  All time favorite act to watch.

What life lessons did you gain at Smirkus and still use today? Oh man this is a tough one.  There’s so many.  But I think confidence is the biggest one.  At Smirkus there’s this sense of being able to do anything that you put your mind to and I think that has carried me the farthest in life after Smirkus.
Where’s home these days? While home these days is Las Vegas I am currently preparing to move to New Jersey in October.  I’ve decided not to renew my contract with Absinthe and to head back east to my roots. 
What advice would you give to a teenager at Smirkus today? Creativity will carry you farther than technical skill in the professional world of performing.
What’s the best piece of advice you learned while at Smirkus? Stick with it.  You’ll get there.