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Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams, Big Top Tour trouper 2013-2015

At the age of just six years old, Wesley Williams received his first unicycle from none other than jolly old Saint Nicolas. In no time at all Wesley learned to ride the unicycle and started doing local shows. The faces and pure amazement from friends and family left Wesley wanting more and from that moment forward he was destined for show business.

With much practice, Wesley became one of South Florida’s premier entertainers. He would go on to perform with the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour from 2013 to 2015 before breaking into the international professional circus market.

You may have seen Wesley on America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, The Gong Show, or one his various television appearances. Some of his most recent accomplishments are winning the Main Prize Bronze IDOL at the prestigious “World Festival of Circus Art” in Moscow, Russia, and winning the Main Prize Gold Elefant D’Or at the highly respected “Festival Internacional del Circ Elefant D’Or” in Girona, Spain.

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