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Advanced Camp is Underway

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Camp Communications Associate Hilary Packard

The second week of our advanced camp is well underway! The energy is high as we start rehearsals for all three shows that will happen at the end of the session! Our individuals program has been working hard on their acts as well as their character work with games like So You Think You Can Aerial Dance. Ensemble has entered rehearsal week with renewed passion as the theme was announced just a few days ago, I will leave the theme a surprise for now, and minds are buzzing with story ideas! Skills Intensive have been working hard in their classes learning all kinds of new tricks to show off!

Outside of the tents momentum keeps going as campers look forward to Smirkus traditions like Zombie Apocalypse, a campus wide game of zombie tag with a little extra Smirkus magic added in. Speaking of Smirkus magic, the dinner dress-ups this session have been out of this world! From Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings to A Night Out vs A Day’s Inn campers have been showing up dressed to the nines! My favorite each year, and one that never disappoints, is Puns, Common Sayings, and Play On Words. This year there was a collection of highways of hair, apple of my eye, hold your horses. The showstopper was a group of campers who created a short scene in which an argument over pronunciation takes place, therefore being a “play on words”.

With such a mix of returning campers and new ones the Smirkus spirit is alive and well, giving a chance to keep traditions alive but keep the spirit of welcoming new people that Smirkus lives for. And welcome people we have, whether it’s sharing old camp stories in a Smirkus storytime, singing songs together around the campfire, or keeping good old prank wars alive, everyone has come together to share in the energy. Oh boy have they, prank wars are alive and well here at Smirkus, shoes go missing, bedrooms get rearranged, got to be careful or dozens of jars of pickles might replace all your clothes! It’s all in good spirit though and everyone involved helps to repair the minor changes that these pranks bring.

Overall, it has been a wonderful Smirkus filled week and a half and I can’t wait to see what these campers bring for the next half.