Camp Placement Videos

Camp Placement videos


Have you been learning circus all year long and are ready to level-up your circus skills? If you’ve been to Smirkus Camp in the past or would call yourself an intermediate or advanced level circus artist, you should consider sending in a placement video to Smirkus Intermediate & Advanced Camps.

Watch the video above to see an example of a great placement video – as you can see,
home videos are fine and professional quality is not required.

What are Smirkus Intermediate & Advanced Camps?
These are camps for kids in middle school and high school, where campers want to increase their skill set or go deeper into their circus discipline. These camps also have increased performance opportunities, either solo or as part of a troupe. A placement video is require for the following placement-based camps:
★ Intermediate Skills Intensive
 Advanced Ensemble
 Advanced Individual Acts

If you have already submitted an application for the Big Top Tour, we strongly recommend that you also apply for placement-based Smirkus Camp.  If you are selected to become a Trouper on the Big Top Tour, we’ll transfer your Camp deposit to your Tour tuition.  

Who should apply:

Youth ages 12-18 trained in movement or circus arts who have the desire to improve upon their existing skills and learn from performance opportunities in a variety of programs.

Video Information:

You only need to make 1 video to apply for 1 or more of the placement-based camps for any session. Selection to each program is determined based on recommendations from our coach-led review committee. Everyone who submits a video will be placed in a session.

Your video should be approximately 2-3 minutes long and showcase a wide variety of circus skills, highlighting 2 or 3 of your best moves. Please also answer the following questions on camera:

  • What is your name, age, and background as a circus performer?
  • In which program(s) are you most interested in participating? Please state your preferred camp.
  • Why do you want to participate in an advanced Smirkus Camp program?
  • Make sure to let your personality shine through!

Your video needs to be submitted using a link. Most campers upload their video to their YouTube page, and then copy the link for submission during the registration process. Based on your placement video, the review committee will determine which program best suits your skill set, skill level, and performance. You will be notified via email of your placement on a rolling basis.

* Note: We charge a $50 fee for applications in order to pay our review committee of coaches for their time and expertise.

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