Camp Placement Videos

Camp Placement videos


Have you been training circus all year long? Are ready to level-up your circus skills? Have you been to Smirkus Camp in the past or would you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced level circus artist? If you answered yes to any of these questions and if you love a good adventure and fun challenges, you should consider applying to one of Smirkus Camp’s placement-based Intermediate & Advanced camps.
Register for our Info Session on October 9 at 7:30pm to learn more
about camps requiring placement from Camp Director Rachel Schiffer

Watch the video above to see an example of a great placement video – as you can see,
home videos are fine and professional quality is not required.

What are Smirkus Placement-Based Camps?
Smirkus placement-based camps are either Intermediate or Advanced in level and are intended for middle and high school aged campers who want to increase their skill set or dive deeper into their circus practice. These camps offer a more intense training schedule, teach more specialized skills, and have increased performance opportunities, either solo or as part of a troupe. These camps may also offer unique opportunities to engage with the wider circus community through guest artist workshops and talks with circus professionals. A placement video is required for the following programs:
★ Road Show
★ Intermediate Skills Intensive

 Advanced Ensemble
 Advanced Individual Acts

Based on your video and application form, the camp review committee will determine which program best suits your skill set, skill level, and goals. You will be notified of your placement via email after the review process, which is on a rolling basis (this means we review videos as they come in).

Acceptance to placement based sessions will be on a rolling basis until the session is filled. Expect to hear from us approximately 2 weeks after the submission is completed.

If you have already submitted an application for the Big Top Tour, we strongly recommend that you also apply for a placement-based Smirkus Camp (you can use your tour application video in your camp placement application). If you are selected to become a trouper on the Big Top Tour, we’ll transfer your camp deposit to your tour tuition.  

Who should apply:
Youth ages 12-18 trained in movement or circus arts who have the desire to improve upon their existing skills and learn from performance opportunities in a variety of programs.

Video Information:
You only need to make 1 video to apply for 1 or more of the placement-based camps for any session. Everyone who submits a video will be placed in a session.

Your application video should be submitted using an online source such as YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube will give you the option to mark it as a private, public or unlisted video. Please make it UNLISTED. The total video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

The directors and coaches are seeking candidates who can demonstrate fluency and dedicated practice in their chosen discipline(s), a strong work ethic, a positive and generous spirit, and a passion for circus. Be proud, be brave and most of all, be YOURSELF!

Your video should include a personal introduction that incorporates the following points:

  1. Tell us your name, pronouns and age.
  2. How did you find out about Circus Smirkus camp?
  3. Please tell us about your previous circus training and/or relevant experience (gymnastics, dance, theater, etc).
  4. Why do you want to attend Road Show/Intermediate Skills Intensive/Advanced Ensemble/Advanced Individual Acts?

Include a display of your talents (i.e. aerials, acrobatics, clowning, wire walking, juggling, etc.)

  • Show off your personality as well as many of your circus skills.
  • You may showcase your skill sets in the form of an act or you may pick and choose to show off your favorite and best tricks in a fun and entertaining way.


  1. Our decision will NOT be based upon the professional quality of your video but rather on the talent you display, the personality you show, and the potential we see.
  2. If in your video you are performing with another person or as part of a group act make sure you identify yourself in the video. As an example you could add a voice over “I am the juggler with the orange striped pants” or “I am the one on the left.”

If you have technical issues with uploading your video to YouTube or Vimeo please feel free to reach out to and let us know.