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Session One Smirkus Camp is Wrap!

Editor’s Note:
This post was written by summer Camp Communications Associate Sojourn Gudorf Johnston

6 days, 77 campers, and countless smiles later, Session One is complete!

Each morning began with a group warm-up, then off to morning rotations of: Acro, Clowning, Aerial, and Juggling. After lunch, campers participated in activities/game time, and Trick of the Day (performed by one of the coaches), and choice rotations. Choice rotations changed daily, and included: hula-hooping, water spitting, Chinese pole, trapeze, aerial meditation, clown stunts, tumbling, and more.

The campers expressed their personalities through dinner dress-ups, with themes including Hats!, It Came From Under the Bed, When I Grow Up (including several campers dressed as Smirkus Staff members), Twins, and Staff Impersonations. They also enjoyed campfires, a dance, a variety of group games, trips to the camp store, and the camper talent show (with acts ranging from poetry, to singing and beatboxing, to musical instruments and stories they wrote).

The campers experienced Pie Day, where they were able to ‘pie’ the coaches and counselors. Throwing a pie in someone’s face originated in silent films in the early 1900’s, then later grew into clowning acts. In 1927, in the silent film “The Battle of the Century”, 4,000 pies were used during a pie throwing scene. Famously, Moe Howard from The Three Stooges was so accurate with his pie throwing, he was often hired just to be a pie thrower on other movie sets. In 2017, the Guinness World record was set at 72 pies thrown in someone’s face in one minute (ooofff!).

This week’s ‘blog skill highlight’ was… Juggling! Juggling includes, but is definitely not limited to: balls, rings, clubs, flower sticks, diabolo, plate spinning… In interviews with Coach Brian and Coach Tyler, they both shared their advice and an insight into their background in juggling. Notably the shared advice that both coaches gave for up-and-coming circus performers: find what you love and stick with it. When you express your love and passion for the art, the audience takes note.

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Saturday June 25 th , 2022 was International Handstand Day! Stay tuned on social media this week to hear from the Acro tent coaches.