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Props, Pies, Rubber Chickens? Oh My!

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Camp Communications Associate Sojourn Gudorf Johnston

This week’s blog highlight is Clowning! Clowning is a magical gift that magnifies a version of a character by emphasizing relatable mistakes and allows you to find the humor in these everyday activities. It encourages us to laugh at ourselves. There is actually ‘Clown Logic’. This technique explores the silly nature of how a clown thinks through a situation, usually in a very unpractical way.

In the clowning tent at Smirkus Camp, campers learn how to develop their character and express their creativity though a variety of games, exercises, and techniques. They can experiment with props, and experiment with integrating props into an act. Like all circus acts, clowning relies on skill and timing. This week, Smirkus Campers had the joy of learning clown band/clown parade, clown acro and aerial, clown juggling,

The Session 3 Campers have just completed their first week of camp and it has been a full week! From Pie Day to movie night in Mama Mia (one of Smirkus’ circus tents), to the camper talent show and karaoke night, to a variety of games (staff hunt, games auction,) Pride Day, and story sharing with the coaches, through which the coaches share their experiences in the circus industry.

The campers have been hilariously and brilliantly creative with their costumes for themed dinner nights (including cartoons, nerds vs jocks, Gaga vs. lumberjack, the elderly…). Some fun ‘Choice Time’ activities included: juggling with creative props, aerial shapes day, teeter board, Vogue dancing, aerial meditation, flying trapeze, tightrope walking, So You Think You Can Aerial Dance, pyramids, ‘It’s Not A…’ (clowning using a prop in any way but the actual function of that prop), and many more. This week, campers will be preparing for the end of session show next.

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