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PODCAST: Rumblestrip Interviews Rob Mermin

Rumblestrip is a popular podcast produced by Erica Heilman. In this episode, “The Last Chapter”, Heilman interviews Circus Smirkus founder Rob Mermin.

This is a story about the friendship between Rob and his friend Bill Morancy, and the months, days and moments leading up to Bill’s death.

Bill Morancy toured with Smirkus one season as a concessionaire. He wanted to experience running away to join the circus — when he was 65 years old — and he bunked with Big Top Tour musician/composer Tristan Moore, who became one of his closest friends.

In the final stages of terminal illness, Bill opted to use Vermont’s Death With Dignity Act, with Rob as his witness.

While not directly about circus, this poignant piece explores the nature of empathy and the heart of the founder of Circus Smirkus. 

Listen to the podcast below, courtesy Rumblestrip. The ideas expressed in the piece are on behalf of its contributors and do not necessarily represent those of Circus Smirkus.

Bill Morancy, pictured below.

This interview is one of many  Heilman has produced for Wake Up to Dying Project, a nonprofit that encourages people to think and to talk more about death, dying and life from many different perspectives.