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A New Vision for Circus Smirkus

With new artistic leadership at the helm of Circus Smirkus, a new vision for the future is emerging. Key to this vision is collaboration with a broad range of artistic voices, opening up opportunities for artists with different perspectives, experiences and abilities to explore new ways of creating Smirkus magic in tandem with our coaches and troupers.

Because of this shift, Smirkus will look to a new directing team for next year’s Big Top Tour production. Troy Wunderle and Mark Lonergan have enjoyed five successful seasons together, creating shows that have brought joy and wonder to audiences all over New England. These shows have provided the Big Top Tour troupe with memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Circus Smirkus cannot thank them enough for the magic they have created in our tent. It has been a joy to collaborate with them.

Troy Wunderle, in particular, has been a fixture at Circus Smirkus for 26 years, and his impact on the organization has been immense. As a performer, director and coach, he has educated thousands of young circus artists during his tenure here, celebrating who they are in the ring and giving them confidence they can take with them into their future journeys.

“There are so many stories out there, and so many different ways to tell them,” said Steve MacQueen, Executive Artistic Director of Smirkus, who, along with Associate Artistic Director Joshua Shack, comprises the new leadership. “We want Smirkus to be a place where different directors can bring their ideas, while remaining true to the core vision that makes Smirkus so special. When these creators bring fresh processes and skills to our ring, we can learn new ways of staging performances under the big top, and they can learn about the magic of Smirkus – its values, and the incredible thing that’s been going on here for decades.”

Circus Smirkus will announce the show director for the 2023 Big Top Tour in the fall.