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Now I KNOW I want to do Circus

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Camp Communications Associate Sojourn Gudorf Johnston

“I thought I wanted to do circus, but now I KNOW I want to do circus.”

Another inspiring Camp Smirkus session has concluded! Session 3 campers shared their talents, creativity, and excitement with us for two weeks, and with their parents in their final showcase. The campers used this opportunity to showcase what they worked on during Session 3. They voiced their ideas and collaborated on selecting what they wanted to present to their adults.

The past week was packed full of fun activities such as Family Feud night, the Lip Sync Battle, and Snow Day. Campers had fun dinner dress up themes, one of the favorites being staff impersonations, where the campers impersonated the staff (very accurately!). The campers helped to save a hummingbird from Lottie the juggling tent, danced in the rain, performed the Cha-cha slide on rolling globes, and performed short skits including recreating the Mississippi River with their bodies. This was a week filled with pranks. The couches were all removed from the commons rooms and put onto the dorm porches (the cushions remained int the original spots), some campers moved the (very heavy) picnic tables to the far field, and the staff and campers pranked the CIT’s during CIT takeover day, with the campers hiding for morning wakeup.

Campers watched staff members perform in the staff show, which they found inspiring to witness how perseverance and hard work pays off. One camper stated that it was interesting to know the staff as performers, people, and coaches; to see the work being put into the acts, almost as a behind the scenes look into the shows. Another camper after the show said, “I thought I wanted to do circus, but now I KNOW I want to do circus.”

This week we heard from Co-Head Coach and Head Rigger, Justin Durham, who shared his experiences and knowledge in both the performance world and in the rigging world. You can find his full interview on Instagram @circussmirkus.

This was my last week with Smirkus this summer. I came into this experience with absolutely no knowledge of the circus arts/world. I had no idea what to expect. I was immediately welcomed into this community by kind, warm, energetic, and mature staff and campers alike. It’s been said by every person I’ve spoken to, but Circus Smirkus really does create an accepting, open, creative, and friendly environment; one that pushes you to explore yourself in a safe space. I’m fortunate to have been exposed to this innovative, strong, dynamic, open, and happy community, and it has truly made my summer memorable. Keep the joy alive and flowing!

See you down the road,