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Having a Ball at Camp

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Camp Communications Intern Magdalene McCaffrey

“All right! Everybody grab a second ball and we can work on the next combination,” the class rushes to the front of the tent to the waiting carton of various juggling balls.

Circus SmirkusA warm wind blows under the lifted walls of Lottie as the campers reassemble on the mats in varied lines. Grinning some begin to toss their balls, feeling the weight before coach Book Kennison has a chance to example the new combination. Some fall to the mat with light slaps and giggles fill the tent.

“Okay, okay – still, please. Watch Ari for the next combination before you try anything.” It’s a hard job to corral nearly 20 excitable campers of all levels, each with their own goal and interest level.

But as Ari works through the steps the campers quiet, trying to memorize every movement with their eyes. She finishes with a kneeling catch of the ball and everyone shuffles to find enough space to work through the act. The sun filters in through the tents raised walls and cast long shadows over the ground. The campers work on the juggling pattern, helping each other when they can’t remember an aspect of the combination, laughing at themselves when the balls drop to the floor with a misjudged toss. Overall, however, by the end of the rotation campers are able to complete most of the combination to their content.

“Did you see me!” One camper happily hops up and down, holding a bright red ball in their hand as they break their pose proudly with a wide grin. “I did it!”

Outside the tent the camp bell begins to ring, signaling the end of the rotation. Balls are returned to the box, but campers are already discussing what more they can do next class.

Circus Smirkus