Baylin’s Balance Barn

Baylin CoddingtonAdolescence is as famously challenging for parents as it is for the kids going through it. Happily, our family found Smirkus where Baylin learned skills he brought forward with him en-route to becoming a musician and ethnobotanist.

Throughout his 26 years, Baylin kept Smirkus close – staying connected to his friends and the principles he developed while there. Smirkus always mattered.

When our family could look up after Baylin’s death, we knew we wanted to continue his multi-faceted legacy. In thinking about what most changed the trajectory of Baylin’s young life we came up with one word; we came up with one name: Smirkus.

Smirkus’ summer green fields are speckled with bright circus tents. As is the case with most artistic institutions, the camp can always use financial help. When we heard that Smirkus needed a designated area for campers to practice balancing skills while sheltering from the hot summer sun, we knew we’d found the perfect tribute for a kid who enjoyed jumping rope on 7’ stilts. Building a balance barn. Building Baylin’s Balance Barn.

Baylin CoddingtonThanks to donations from our family, friends, and clients, construction has begun and is underway. We’re hoping to complete construction this spring but…

…to complete the project, we need your help!

Baylin’s Balance Barn will give campers a place to learn to walk on stilts; to ride on unicycles; to juggle while walking a slack-wire. It will be a place to stop for a moment; to settle with friends; to share the remarkable connection Smirkus uniquely offers.

We began the project with an initial $21,100 provided by family and friends and Smirkus, but to complete the Balance Barn – which will be sustainably planted and accessible to all – another $12,000 is needed to complete the construction.

As of mid-March, we’re most of the way to this goal, with gifts totaling more than $8,100 made in Baylin’s memory.

Please consider making a gift to help make the Balance Barn a reality and to continue Baylin’s legacy of creativity, kindness, fearlessness, and connection all wrapped up in unforgettable laughter.

To donate by credit card visit our online giving page, or send a check earmarked to “Baylin’s Balance Barn” to:

Circus Smirkus
Development Department
1 Circus Road
Greensboro, VT  05841

With gratitude,

Debra & Fletcher Coddington & Circus Smirkus