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Charles Keidel

Charles Keidel, Acro and Balance Coach
Sessions: Intermediate Camp, Advanced Camp

Charles Keidel is a multi-talented circus artist who’s dedication to developing expressive character bodies has pushed his technical movement past the traditional boundaries of tightwire into a distant realm of magic and disbelief. Growing up in a community centered around and steeped deeply in circus, his internal desire to create and develop circus became almost insatiable.

Charles attended the Aloft Circus Arts Two-Year Full Time Training Program class of 2018 in Chicago, Illinois specializing in tightwire, but never abandoning his polymath tendencies. Even while fully immersed in 40 hours of circus training a week, he still found opportunities to put his work on stage as one of a select few artists to partake and perform in The 48 Hour Project (2017) part of the A Moment of Circus festival and in shows such as Rough Draft (2017), Sanctuary (2017), Communion (2017), Mercy On Our Souls (2017), and Flock (2018).

While training at Aloft, Charles had the opportunity to work under renowned artists and circus creators such as Shayna Swanson, Ariele Ebacher, Joe Pinzon, George Orange, Jan Damm, Alessandra Ogden, and many more.

Graduation still fresh on his heels and the creation of a new show Coated (2019) under his belt, Charles is stepping out into the wider world of circus and performance leading with a sleeve full of characters, endless methods for developing acts that bring an audience into his own personal world of wonder, and a circus vocabulary ranging from balance acts like Tightwire and Unicycle, to the more acrobatic world of straps, handstands, and Cyr wheel.