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Big Top Tour Show Prep

Editor’s Note: This post was written by summer Tour Communications Intern Teagan Allen

Piece by piece, the show at the Big Top Tour inTENTsive is coming together! Through the collaborative efforts of the troupers, our artistic director, and the coaches, this Smirk-o-Vision Season Finale will not be something you want to miss.

Staying in Vermont this year gives our troupers more time to experiment with many disciplines and find ways to fit these disciplines in the show. For example, a new to Smirkus prop – the meteor – is a form of juggling where you swing and throw the prop in intricate patterns. Troupers have been having fun learning this new skill and thinking of ways the unusual prop will fit our show.

Another popular session is something the coaches have named “unique aerials”. During the session, there are a few new aerial appartus rigged so that the troupers can experiment to create new shapes and tricks in hopes that their creations will make it into the show.

This past week, the show theme for the 2021 show was chosen. Troupers are experimenting with skills for the creation of new acts. We even have troupers designing a poster for the show!

In order to choose a theme, troupers met with Troy Wunderle, the Big Top Tour Artistic Director, over the past few months to submit ideas and have “creative noodles” around those ideas. Troupers were encouraged to describe and defend different theme ideas.

Once they arrived at Smirkus Headquarters, after training together and meeting with coaches, each night the troupers met during Director’s Time to further discuss options. During Director’s Time, the troupe brainstorms, comes up with creative ideas for the show, and makes big decisions, like picking the theme!  The troupers are now coming up with ways that circus acts can fit into the theme and tell a Smirkus story. The next task is to pick a name for the show.

With the theme in mind, a few troupers chose to get involved with the marketing side of Smirkus. Four troupers are collaborating to make the iconic Circus Smirkus poster for the 2021 Big Top Tour. After meeting with the Smirkus marketing team about branding and design guidelines, Blu, Maia, Maddox, and Freddo have started conceptualizing the best way, on a poster, to represent the show they’re helping to create!

Although there has been preparation with picking a theme, creating acts, and marketing, there is so much to be done.  In the next 7 weeks the troupers will be sewing costumes, helping make choreography and clown skits, designing props, and, of course, performing their collective brain child of a show!