Eyal Bor

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Eyal Bor

Eyal Bor, Big Top Tour trouper 2013-2014 Eyal is a juggler from Mexico and he enjoyed smirkus in 2013 and 2014. He then in 2015 traveled to France to do his studies in circus school. After 4 years in school, he is now starting new projects in two different companies. Apart circus enjoys the piano, traveling, nature, ping pong, learning about everything and eating a lot.          

Ariana Ferber-Carter

Ariana Ferber-Carter, Big Top Tour trouper 2004-2009 Ariana performed with Smirkus for 6 summers and has gone on to pursue a career as a contortionist.  She has worked for Celebrity Cruises, Nimble Arts, Circus Bella, Quixotic Fusion, The Sellam Circus School, and Aerheart. She resides in Kansas City with her fiance Jamie and their two cats.  Current work can be found @ariana.contortion on Instagram.        

Alexa Wallace

Alexa Wallace, Big Top Tour trouper 2020 Alexa has been dancing since age 6 and competing since age 7. Alexa won the dance studio’s first ever Diamond Award at age 9 with an almost perfect score. She trains in ballet, lyrical, hip hop, tap, contemporary, and acro along with singing and acting. She also enjoys training in the aerial arts on silks, straps, aerial hoop, trapeze, corde lisse and triangle. Alexa trains at Aerial Arts of Rochester, Strike It Up Artistic Center, Draper Dance, New England Center for Circus Arts, French Woods Performing Arts, and has been fortunate to win scholarships and train…

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Skyler Leget

Skyler Leget, Big Top Tour trouper 2020 Skyler is 17 years old and is from Broomfield, Colorado. This is her first year as a Big Top Tour trouper, and although she can’t train with her fellow troupers in Vermont, she continues to strengthen her disciplines on trapeze and corde lisse.  She looks forward to an exciting non-quarantined summer in 2021!      

Serafina Walker

Serafina Walker, Big Top Tour trouper 2016-2020 Serafina is 17 years old and is from Greenfield, Massachusetts. She is a 5th year Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour trouper who loves her Smirkus family with all her heart. She loves to perform straps and is really missing doing partner and group acrobatics at the moment. During quarantine, she is learning how to sew and enjoys taking long hikes.      

Maia Castro-Santos

Maia Castro-Santos, Big Top Tour trouper 2019-2020 Maia Castro-Santos is 17 years old, and she lives in western Massachusetts. Maia performed in the Circus Smirkus 2019 Big Top Tour, and she is hoping to return to the ring in the summer of 2021. Her main circus disciplines are lyra, hula hoops, and aerial fabric. Now that she’s graduated from high school, Maia has been enjoying her freedom by spray painting, writing music, and making Youtube videos. After her gap year, Maia will attend Columbia University.      

Soleyman Pierini

Soleyman Pierini, Big Top Tour trouper 2018-2020 Soleyman, who is from Italy and now lives in Montreal, practices many circus disciplines, including wire, juggling, and Chinese pole. He loves to brighten people’s faces with his clowning and magic. During these last months of quarantine, Soleyman has taught himself how to ride a unicycle! Soleyman is also an instructor with Smirkus@Home and would love to teach you!      

Eva Lou Rhinelander

Eva Lou Rhinelander, Big Top Tour trouper 2016-2020 Eva Lou Rhinelander is a rising 10th grader from Melrose, MA. She is a 5th year Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour trouper where she performs hula hooping, contortion, handstands, wire, and clowning. During the school year, Eva competes in dance and is a Level 9 rhythmic gymnast. She is also the world record holder for longest time hula hooping on her nose.          

William Borges

William Borges, Big Top Tour trouper 2017-2019 William Borges is 19 years old and attends the National Circus School in Montreal. He is from Long Island New York and grew up doing gymnastics. He was a Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour trouper from 2017 to 2019 and loves to juggle his hats. One fun fact about William is that he is able to hold his breath for over 2 minutes.          

The Damm Family

The Damm Family Timo Damm started at Circus Smirkus when he was just 3 weeks old in 2016, accompanied of course by his parents Ariele and Jan who were there to help some other bigger kids make a circus show called the Big Top Tour.  In 2019, at the ripe old age of 6 months, Ilsa Damm followed in her brother’s footsteps when the whole Damm family returned again to coach the troupers in the Big Top Tour. Mom and Dad have their own careers performing all over the world dancing on the tightwire, balancing on a rola-bola, and juggling…

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