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Meet Brin Schoellkopf

Vermont Native and former Smirkus Trouper, Brin Schoellkopf, jumps on the high wire. Photo by Barrie Fisher

It’s an exciting time for 4th year graduating ENC student and Smirkus Alumni Brin Schoellkopf.

This month, he’ll have just performed his wire act at TOHU, a unique performance space located in Montreal created especially for circus arts. Brin, along with another graduating ENC student, had the honor of representing the École Nationale de Cirque in the 3rd annual Coup de Coeur, translating roughly to ‘a special place in your heart’ or ‘falling in love’, a circus variety show featuring circus artists from around the world.

Bird On A Wire: Brin Schoellkopf

This was Brin’s opportunity to try out the new act he’s been developing for final evaluations in his main discipline – tight wire – in front of a live audience.

Typically, the Épreuve Synthése is an act that graduating students work on for most of the year and then perform in a closed off, invitation only environment. So Brin is thankful to have had the opportunity to perform his act for the public at the TOHU, with its 360-degree stage and the next best thing to performing in the round under the Big Top.

A native of Warren, VT, Brin says he always knew about Circus Smirkus because his parents would take him to see the Big Top Tour every summer. 

Starting out as a gymnast, he attended Smirkus Camp for four summers.  As his love for circus arts and performance grew, he auditioned and was accepted for four summers as part of the Big Top Tour from 2010-2014. 

Brin admits that he didn’t really plan to have a career in circus. “I visited Montreal and found a whole other world out there.” His visit compelled him to audition for the prestigious École Nationale de Cirque during his junior year in high school.

“I decided to audition, thinking it would be a good way to learn about the process.” To his surprise, ENC accepted him into the program and because of the different educational requirements, he was able to leave high school a year early and begin college.

Flash forward 4 years, as tight wire walker and acro dancer, Brin says he has a newfound love for what he does. Smirkus gave him the initial love for circus and performing, but now, surrounded by the thriving circus community in Montreal that includes people from Cirque Eloize, the 7 Fingers and Cirque du Soleil, his circus love embodies the spirit of the people, the travel and the experience of different cultures. He’s excited to get on the road.

We say, keep watching Brin. He’s one to look out for. The next chapter of Brin’s circus experience is about to begin and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Watch this recent video of Brin performing with Cirque Eloize in Montreal:

WIRE DANCER OVERHEAD: Brin wows the crowds in a public performance.

SMIRKUS FLASHBACK: Watch Brin along with Ariana Wunderle and Sorrell Nielsen in this video of the Wire Act from Anchors Away, the 2014 Big Top Tour.