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Nick Ng

Nick Ng
Aerial Coach
Session: Intermediate/Advanced Camp

Nick is a pirate captain, space tiger, and aerialist that prides himself on gravity-defying technique that some would call “falling with style”. He loves balancing dynamic sequences with still moments, combining awe-inspiring movement with physical storytelling.

Starting his career in Austin, TX, Nick has won awards and hearts while traveling across the U.S. in the before times. He has spent years working with internationally renowned instructors and performers, Dolly Parton, Acrobatic Conundrum, Cirque du Soleil artists and choreographers, and now brings his experience to Circus Smirkus Camp!

As a mover and teacher, Nick specializes in beats and momentum, c-shaping, dynamic sequencing, releases, character work, and ground-based aerial/floorial on rope, fabric, and straps. After finding success in his new career, he wishes to help a new generation find themselves through circus. Nick is following his dream. Let him bring you on an adventure!