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Kyran Walton

Kyran Walton
Intermediate & Advanced Camp

Kyran was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a very energetic child since he could walk. He played a few sports before the age 8 but none of them were engaging enough for him. Circus Harmony performed at his school around the time that he was 8 and he immediately begged his mom to sign him up for classes. Since then Kyran has been in the circus for 12 years now along with dancing for 6 of those years. Around age 11, Kyran was made a member of the circus Harmony’s advanced troupe: the St. Louis Arches.

During the next seven years, Kyran became fairly advanced in contortion, hand-balancing, juggling, acrobatics, trapeze, unicycle, wire, banquine, and hand-to-hand. Over these 12 years Kyran performed in over 1,000 shows from St. Louis to Monte Carlo, Israel, Puerto Rico, New Orleans Jazz fest, Washington D.C, New York and many more.

Ever since he was 13 years old, Kyran dreamt of going to Ecole Nationale De Cirque in Montreal. When he was 18, he auditioned, and luckily got in. Kyran is currently in his second year specializing in hand-to-hand which combines all his favorite disciplines (hand-balancing, acrobatics, contortion). Kyran is very happy to have made it this far thanks to support from his family and his circus family. Outside of circus, Kyran enjoys filming, photography, sleeping, and questioning the unquestioned.