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Kelli Brown-Ramazini

Kelli Brown-Ramazini, Clown, Aerial, Balance and Juggling Coach
Sessions: Advanced Camp

Kelli has been performing aerial and circus arts for ten years. She has been in numerous shows such as Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey, “Cirque Joyeux”, “Forever”, and The Petite Palace just to name a few. She has been teaching aerial and circus arts for 6 years, has directed shows, wrote hundreds of acts for hundreds of students. Though never attending a national circus school, she has had coaching from many world renowned coaches such as Anastasia Crane (Contortion & Hand Balancing), Xian Zhang (Straps), Itzel Vireuga (Coach at ENC- Dance Trapeze), Susan Voyticky (Circus Warehouse- Dance Trapeze) Pavel Karima (Hand Balancing) and countless others.