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Hello From A Counselor

Meet Sebastian Ferlo, 3rd year Camp Counselor.  He can’t wait to see you again at Smirkus Camp this summer, and he’s ready to live the circus life with you! Camp is filling quickly, so reserve your spot today! Watch this video to find out more, and read below about our new program structure, and how to apply for scholarships.


Even if you’re familiar with how our programs are structured, take a close look at the list below, as we have made some changes.

Open Smirkus Camp Sessions

  • June 8-10 Adult Camp: Age 21+
  • June 23 Intro To Smirkus: Age 5-11 (one day only)
  • June 16-17 Smirkling Camp: Age 6-11 (two days, one overnight)
  • June 24-29 Session I: Age 8-16 (one week overnight)
  • July 1-6 Session II: Age 8-16  (one week overnight)
  • July 8-20 Session III: Age 8-16  (two weeks overnight)
  • July 22-August 3 Session IV: Age 12-17  (two weeks overnight)
    • Session IV Ensemble   (only 7 slots left)
    • Session IV Aerial Acts (New Program! Only 5 slots left)
    • Session IV Road Show (sold out)
  • August 5-18 Session V: Age 13-18   (two weeks overnight)
    • Session V Ensemble    (sold out)
    • Session V Aerial Acts   (sold out)
    • Session V Road Show (sold out)

Scholarships Now Open

Scholarship Applications are now open.
Click here to begin your scholarship application to be considered.
Deadline March 1, 2018

Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, and your 2017 tax information will be needed to complete the application. There are no fees to apply for a scholarship, and you do not need to register for a camp session before doing so.

Providing scholarships to as many campers as possible is central to the Circus Smirkus mission, and we are so grateful to the generous donors who make this possible for kids to participate in our programs, regardless of ability to pay. Click here to make a donation to help grow our scholarship fund.