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Cool Campers

It’s a blast at camp!

With temperatures in the 90s all week it would have been easy for campers to become overheated, easily fatigued, and a little out of the Smirkus Spirit. Thankfully, this did not happen.

Smirkus slip & slide

Along with the constant reminders to campers to drink water, Smirkus provided plenty of fun water activities to keep campers as cool as their personalities.

When the heat first started settling in on Monday, there were cold shaving cream filled trays and a hose on hand to provide both smiles and a break from the heat. Pie Day was a hit with campers and staff alike, all relishing the opportunity to cool off. Everyone lined up and one-by-one were treated to a refreshing pie in the face, followed by a dowsing from the hose.

There was no end to the heat in sight on Tuesday so a water twist was added to a campus tradition. Gold Rush, a game involving campers scavenging across campus to find gold, silver, and copper colored rocks, was spiced up (or rather cooled down) with super soakers. While on the plight to find the rocks, the Wild West Bandits (counselors) were spraying down the overheated campers.

Staying cool at Smirkus camp

Even though it did not seem like a possibility, Wednesday was even warmer. After working hard in the scorching heat all morning, it was time for CATCH, Camper Activity Total Craziness Hour. CATCH involved multiple water activities. Campers bowled down a slip-and-slide, knocking over gigantic bowling pins that were placed in a pool of water. Near the dorms a robust game of water trivia was afoot. This game involved members trying to answer random facts. Getting the answer wrong ended with an invigorating soak from the hose and getting the answer right meant that your fellow players were the ones who got to take a splash in the water. Not too far away from water trivia was a rousing game of Water Balloon Dodgeball. Unsurprisingly, the water balloons were used quickly, but with a huge bucket full of water available, as well as sponges and super soakers, the fun did not end.

On schedule for Thursday was a game of kickball, but this was going to be no ordinary game of kickball. For starters, home base was a kiddie pool filled with water. After kicking the ball, a dash to first base entailed a spritz of water from the sprinkler. From there, each base was armed with staff members holding super soakers and hoses to reward the hard working players.

Vermont is not used to the type of weather we had last week, but at Circus Smirkus we are prepared for anything and so we combated the record heat with water activities and some Smirkus spirit.

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